Fee for Service

Fee-For-Service Delivers Optimal Benefits

At I.M. 120, we believe in the versatility of service. Our fee-for-service option enables you to have a consultation with an intellectual medicine provider for an extensive history and review of whatever medical concerns you may have. In this setting, treatment plans for specific concerns can be outlined and prescribed. Examples include treatment plans for: Lyme disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Diseases, Heart and Vascular Issues, Memory Loss, and any other chronic or lingering medical problem. Clients who choose this option will follow up periodically, paying the fee for a consultation at each visit. 


Bio identical hormone/anti-aging

This option enables you to receive your bio identical hormones, along with their oversight and management. The quarterly fee includes your access to regular appointments for the purpose of guiding your anti-aging plan. Recommendations will be given regarding the best use of supplements, IV therapies, nutritional and fitness advice in pursuit of the 120 year lifespan.

Weight Loss

The first step toward your weight loss success is understanding that persistent difficulty with weight control is a medical problem that requires the right combination of medical care, lifestyle changes, and most importantly, individualized guidance and support. Our step one program will help you acheive your goals. 

Cancer Support

Living with cancer is one of the greatest challenges anyone can experience. The conventional medical approach to cancer treatment, while critical, often leaves a person depleted, weak, and vulnerable to other illnesses. The depletion of strength, vitality and the disruption of the body’s natural equilibrium can be incredibly devastating, but all of these problems are correctable.  I.M. 120's Complementary Cancer Care Program works in tandem with your cancer treatment team to offer whole body wellness including the immune system, digestion, sleep, energy levels, diet, exercise and spirituality to help minimize side effects and maximize your quality of life. I.M. 120 is here to help you fight.


Over years of experience bringing our clients the best in non-surgical aesthetic medicine, we have developed the skills and knowledge to combine different therapies with the most cost effective plans—delivering you the best results.

With the expert guidance of medical professionals, the signs of stress and age that often show up on the face can be effectively addressed, leaving you looking lively and feeling incredible.

Our aesthetics room offers privacy and relaxation where you can enjoy your treatments and pamper yourself.

I.M. 120 offers the following aesthetic services:

PRFM (PRP) Facial
PRFM (PRP) Facelift
Liquid Facelift
Facial Fillers
Photodynamic Therapy
The Perfect Curve - Kybella
Skin Tightening
Facial Peels
Hair Restoration (PRP)