Guiding people towards living the 120 lifespan while retaining youth.

This works by applying logic, reason, and scientific evidence to address conditions that drain people of their joy and vitality, while protecting from the harmful aspects of conventional medicine. The beauty of our calling as healers is in the moment when we divine a way to improve the quality or length of a patient's life. The evolution of "evidence-based medicine" has had the downside of depriving clinicians of their creative freedom to practice the true art of medicine.

Intellectual Medicine respects the core of evidence, but expands its meaning to include that evidence which has merit but has yet to be integrated into the mainstream of care. After all, if we are limited to practice only the current standard of care, then the standard will never advance.
The object of Intellectual Medicine is to take the rapid advances being made in the many fields of science and to apply them to patients in real time.

The capacity for self healing.

Throughout my career I've been impressed with the capacity of the human body to heal itself. Frequently the best way toward healing a clinical condition is to create a healthy environment and stay out of the body's way as it heals itself. Too often modern medical techniques have become reliant upon aggressive intervention, often doing more harm than good.

By using the full range of tools available to you at Intellectual Medicine, including intravenous (IV) vitamins and supplements, hormone therapy, weight loss therapy, oral supplements, and other advanced modalities, long-suffering patients can finally find the relief they have been seeking but not receiving.
Extending youth, extending life.

Good health is not merely the absence of disease. Good health is an abundance of energy and bountiful vitality regardless of your age. If we believe that advancing years brings with it infirmity and fatigue, that belief will become self fulfilling. Achieving these outcomes requires the freedom of intellectual pursuit.

To often in medicine we are left pursuing well worn pathways and if the patients condition doesn’t comfortable fit into that pathway we feel incapable of helping them. The patients tell us what they need and what they need is to feel better, live longer, and live better. That’s the passion that drives our centers.

To living 120 youthful years,


Dr. Stephen Petteruti

founder, IM120