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Brain Preservation

Our brains are incredibly complicated and intricate organs. They’re made of neurons that are critically dependent on hormones to function. They’re also made of many fat cells that act as sponges, absorbing toxins that negatively impact the way the brain functions. Unfortunately, neurons don’t regenerate easily, so preserving them is incredibly important. 

Brain Preservation | Doctor Warwick, RIDEMENTIA: why good brains go bad.

Mounting evidence suggests that the normal hormone depletion that comes with aging leads to greater incidence of dementia, and while restoring hormones cannot reverse Alzheimer’s disease, replacing them in middle age can help prevent the loss of cognitive function.

Inadequacies in micronutrients can also have a negative impact on your brain fitness. Even with adequate nutrition and vitamin supplements, micronutrient deficiencies can still exist.  That’s why at I.M. 120, we test your nutrient and vitamin levels and prescribe a personalized regimen of supplements to make sure your brain is well nourished.

LIVE O2 for Brain Health is here! 

Your brain runs on oxygen. Without it, brain cells die.

A TITLE WAVE OF OXYGEN - "Live 02" therapy involves exercising while at 100% oxygen. This super-saturates the red cells and the plasma with oxygen delivering high doses of O2 to the cells that are in need. After exercising at high oxygen for, a switch is flipped converting 100% oxygen into a low oxygen environment. This is the equivalent of exercising at 14,000 feet elevation. Your body reacts by opening up the arteries further, and the cells react by enhancing their ability to take up oxygen. The switch is then flipped back to 100% oxygen taking full advantage of this vasodilated state. The resultant title wave of oxygen flushes out toxins and delivers high levels of oxygen directly to the most needy cells. The result is better brain function with more energy.  Read more about it here.

Our brain fitness and preservation program doesn’t stop with hormones and nutrients! We know that chronic exposure to environmental toxins like heavy-metals, pesticides, household cleaners, automobile and factory exhaust can accumulate over time in the fat cells of your brain, diminishing your mental capacities.  The sooner these toxins are addressed the better, so don’t wait until you experience symptoms. We can test for these toxins and develop a plan for eliminating them from your body. Detoxification has the added benefit of decreasing your risk of cancer and heart disease too!

Mental clarity, focus and sharpness are things that elude even some of our younger patients, so brain fitness is something folks at any age should make a priority.

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