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Growth Hormones

Growth Hormones | Doctor Warwick, RIDeep inside our brains we have a pea-sized mass of tissue called the pituitary gland.  Throughout life, the pituitary secretes growth hormone (GH)--a substance that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration.  The rate peaks in childhood and adolescent years, when the body is growing rapidly.  Fast forward to old age, however, and the output drops precipitously, leading many to believe that maintaining GH levels is critical to age prevention.  Indeed, who wouldn't want increased lean muscle tissue, improved bone density, decreased central body fat, tighter regulated blood sugar levels and improved immune function?

However, these benefits don't come without a catch: improperly administered growth hormone can also cause significant damage and illness. Having enough expertise to interpret hormone level tests properly, and the experience to know how to address the complex process of aging is a specialty unto itself.  

There are many contributing factors to an individual's GH level.  Proper use of supplements, balance of adrenal hormones, sex hormones, and thyroid hormones, as well as proper exercise and nutrition, are all individual areas that must be addressed during treatment. 

At I.M. 120, we are exceptionally well-qualified to guide you through growth hormone treatment safely and effectively.