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Disease prevention though proper nutrition is a top priority at I.M. 120. Poor food choices don’t only cause weight problems but they also lead to an incredibly long list of health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, joint disease and even cancer.

Nutrition | Doctor Warwick, RIThese diseases aren’t only devastating because they can reduce your longevity, but they cause pain and suffering which greatly reduce your quality of life.  The good news is that much of this is preventable with a structured nutrition plan.

I.M. 120 offers a comprehensive nutrition consultation.  During your consultation, your nutrition counselor will review your current diet and food preferences, develop a personalized nutrition plan, and educate you on the importance of protein, good fat and low glycemic eating. Based on your overall nutritional evaluation and your SpectraCell results (if you had this completed), I.M. 120 will also put together a custom vitamin for you.

Part of what makes our nutrition plan successful is that we understand that your busy lifestyle does not always allow you to prepare healthy, well balanced meals at home. This often leads you to make choices based on ease and convenience, like frozen dinners and other prepared foods. While there are many prepared meal options available that are low in calories, not all of them are healthy for you.  Many contain preservatives and other artificial ingredients that aren’t ideal. That’s why I.M. 120 has carefully chosen certain products that we feel are the best available. While you certainly don’t have to purchase them to participate in our nutrition program, they’re a great option for those crazy days when you just don’t have the time to prepare something. 

Artisan Bistro

Artisan Bistro was designed by leading weight loss practitioners to help naturally improve metabolism, decrease weight, insulin resistance and chronic disease risk.  The menu is comprised of diverse, bistro style recipes with a nice balance of familiar and exotic flavors. Everything by Artisan Bistro is made with all natural, organic, sustainable ingredients.

Artisan Bistro offers many options for people who are intolerant to dairy, nuts or gluten, and all meals are free of preservatives, contain no added MSG, pesticides, or farmed fish.  Artisan Bistro meals do not contain genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, artificial additives and sweeteners or trans fats.

The meals are contained in food grade quality BPA-free packages and then packed  in dry ice and delivered right to your door.  If you don’t like them, Artisan Bistro will refund your purchase price.  No hassles, no questions asked.

You must be referred by a physician to purchase Artisan Bistro. Click here to have access to the healthiest food delivered to you.

Protein bars and shakes

Another classic meal replacement option is protein shakes.  They’re rich in protein, low in calories, and they can be very filling. Some people don’t feel as though protein shakes are “real food,” but the truth is that they are a very important part of the weight loss and maintenance journey. A daily routine consisting of regular use of meal replacements can help patients with challenging metabolisms maintain their best weight.

Other forms of meal replacements include snacks like protein bars, wafers, soy snacks, soups and pre-packaged food.  If you’re not sure what products will suit you best, we’re more than happy to talk about it with you and make suggestions based on your individual needs.  Just as it is with Artisan Bistro meals, our other meal replacement options are not necessary to participate in our program.  They’re simply there to help you stay on the right path when life gets busy.

We have many high-quality protein bars and meal replacement options available for purchase at I.M. 120. We’ve tasted and approved all of the products ourselves and feel very confident that you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!