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Regenerative Medicine

Passively accepting the loss of your vitality as a fact of life should not be an option.

Regenerative Medicine | Doctor Warwick, RIIf you’re living with a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease, dementia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease or some other form of degenerative illness, I.M. 120 can help you feel much better through the practice of regenerative medicine which focuses on brain fitness, nutrition, hormone replacement and other safe and effective interventions.

Inadequacies in micronutrients can have a negative impact on your brain fitness. Even with adequate nutrition and vitamin supplements, micronutrient deficiencies can still exist.  That’s why at I.M. 120, we test your nutrient and vitamin levels and prescribe a personalized regimen of supplements to make sure your brain is well nourished. We will also talk with you about IV Nutrional Therapy

We also offer a comprehensive nutrition consultation.  During your consultation, your nutrition counselor will review your current diet and food preferences, develop a personalized nutrition plan, and educate you on the importance of protein, good fat and low glycemic eating.

Additionally, we use natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to safely and effectively restore your hormones to healthier levels.  The result is a reduced risk of cancer, preserved brain function, better quality sleep, restored sexual function, healthy muscle development and protection against osteoporosis. But the most important change is in your quality of life in general.  You’ll look and feel better than ever!

Most importantly, our regenerative program aims to treat the cause instead of just the symptoms of disease.  While we may not be able to cure some illnesses completely, through the use of nutritional, vitamin, nutraceutical, hormonal and medical care, I.M. 120, can help bring vitality back to your life.