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The Cancer Machine: a Novel

Category: New Discoveries
the cancer machine, dr stephen petteruti, fiction, novel, author Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Truly, this was a delight to read. It is very well written, nicely paced, and quite beautiful at times—a page-turner with the emotional depth of literary fiction. ~Greg

In a story that could be ripped from the headlines, a small group of outcasts discovers the penicillin of cancer. Despite the breakthrough having world-changing repercussions, there are those in power who want to bury it before it ever sees the light of day.

Anton Thresher is used to going against societal norms. He even enrolls in a small Maine college instead of following his family legacy at...

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The Top 6 Hidden Causes of Obesity

Category: Weight Loss
weight loss, artificial sweeteners, diet, new years resolution, stevia, dr petteruti, IM120, low fat Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Tis the season… for gaining excess weight, and then making a resolution to lose it. The average American will gain approximately 5 pounds over the holiday season. Many people start out the new year with a resolution to get in better shape and lose weight. Why is it that  almost everybody fails to achieve their goal? Here are some of the most common hidden reasons for weight gain/failure to lose weight.

1. "Zero calorie" foods and beverages.

Most of these items are chock-full of artificial sweetener. Sucralose, Stevia and others may not impart any caloric consequence, however...

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Cancer Treatments

Category: Healthy Living
cancer, IV vitamins, high dose vitamin c, diagnosis, Dr. Petteruti, ALA, IM120, intellectual medicine Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

There is more to fighting cancer than chemo, radiation and surgery.

The new era of cancer fighting includes reinforcing your body's immune system and general strength while maintaining energy. Achieving these goals can be helped by using supplements known to create a hostile environment for cancer, while also supportive to your immune system and energy.

At Intellectual Medicine we divide cancer treatment strategies into five broad groups; curative, suppressive, palliative, indolent, and secondary prevention. Knowing which category your cancer treatment falls...

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Get The Lead Out

Category: Healthy Living
lead, heavy metals, toxic, brain damage, flint michigan, I.M. 120, detox Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

By now we have all heard about the lead contamination disaster in Flint Michigan. Thousands of people have been exposed to high levels of lead in the drinking water. Irreversible damage is being done to their brains. The future consequence for children will be mental retardation. For adults, increased risk of heart disease, cancer and dementia.

There are 5300 water systems right now that violate EPA rules.

In addition to the systems that are blatantly violating EPA rules, probably twice as many manipulate the rules in order to avoid testing outside of the limits...

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Your Guide To Using Cooking Oils

Category: Healthy Living
cooking oil, olive oil, smoke point, oxidation, free radicals, I.M. 120 Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

There are times, even when you are pursuing weight loss, that you will be cooking with oil. The natural question is, which oil is best to cook with?


This literally means the temperature at which the oil begins to "smoke," that is turning from a liquid to a gas. When cooking you want to use oil that has a high "smoke point." When cooking oil starts to smoke it becomes oxidized. The oxidized state of the oil amplifies free radicals and can cause problems such as accelerated aging, degeneration of brain and nervous tissue, and increased risk of cancer.

If you...

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Your Immune System and Vitamin C | Fighting Cancer Together

Category: Healthy Living
IV vitamin c, vitamin c, cancer, chemotherapy, radiation Posted by: ShannonPetteruti


The recent endowment of tech billionaire, Facebook co-founder Sean Parker, to fund cancer research focusing on boosting the immune system adds to the growing recognition that the traditional approach to treating cancer is not adequate.

Traditional medicine has been using "slash and burn" techniques for years with mixed results. Chemotherapy, surgery, and x-ray therapy have had pockets of...

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Statin (cholesterol lowering ) Drugs For Everybody!

Category: Healthy Living
cholesterol, lipids, HDH, LDL, triglycerides Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Thus might read the headline for the recently reported results of the "HOPE" trial.

Cholesterol drugs have been pushed with religious fervor by doctors for decades. They are looked at as an essential "standard of care" for anybody with heart disease, or the potential to get heart disease. So complete is the medical establishments indoctrination into the use of these drugs that doctors are sent warning letters from insurance companies advising them to start many of their patients on these drugs!

Now comes the latest study published in the prestigious "New England Journal of...

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How Big Pharma Influences Medicine

Category: Healthy Living
concierge medicine, functional medicine, direct doctor, ri, rhode island, dr. stephen petteruti, I.M. 120, big pharma Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Here is the cover of a major medical journal that was sent to me free of charge. You'll notice the huge ad. That is not a tear away, that is the actual cover. Can you imagine how much the drug company spent for that ad? Do you think it could possibly have influenced the content of the Journal either in this  or future editions?

How might the public react to a politician if on the podium there was a huge poster stating "brought to you by big oil." I suspect there would be major concern about undue influence.

Pharmacies pay for medical education

One of...

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How Antibiotics Can Damage Your Health

Category: Healthy Living
antibiotics, probiotics, super bug, Dr. Stephen Petteruti, I.M. 120, flu, sick,  vitamin C, winer, Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

The era of antibiotics in medicine began about 70 years ago in the aftermath of World War II. For the first time in human existence, specific drugs that could help to kill dangerous bacteria were introduced to the market.

These drugs have been important, life-saving assets in the arsenal of physicians. However, over the years their use has proliferated beyond their targeted intent. They have been given almost magical attributes and are seen by some doctors and many patients as a "cure all" for everything from a chest cold to a sinus infection.


We now...

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DEMENTIA: Why Good Brains Go Bad

Category: New Discoveries
dementia, brain health, Dr. Stephen Petteruti, Intellectual Medicine, detox, hormones, I.M. 120 Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

How I.M.120 can help save your brain.

Sometimes we joke about it, calling it a "senior moment." We take comfort when we see others suffering in a similar manner. In reality, the thought of losing our memory, and with it our personality, indeed the thought of becoming demented is terrifying. To make matters worse, there is no conventional medical treatment that can stop the inevitable progression of dementia leading to our inability to care for ourselves before it takes our life.


It simply makes no sense that a merciful creator would...

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