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Will Resveratrol Help Me Live Longer?

Category: Anti Aging
Posted by: GinaS

Will Resveratrol help me live longer?

If you are a lab rat, the answer is...

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The Rectangular Lifespan

Category: Anti Aging
dr. Stephen Petteruti, direct doctor, concierge medicine, concierge doctor, primary care, BHRT, hormones, testosterone Posted by: GinaS

Everybody will eventually die, but does that mean we have to age?

Throughout the span of human history we have accepted the decline of physical and mental abilities as the inevitable consequence of aging. This type of aging has been termed the "Gradual decline" into varying degrees of infirmity before dying. 


Rapid advances in our knowledge about the factors that cause physical and mental decline are enabling us to neutralize their effect. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, we now know that oxidative...

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The Most Important Antioxidant In Your Body!

Category: Anti Aging
glutathione, chelation, IV therapy, antioxidant, dr petteruti, detoxifying Posted by: GinaS

It's found in every cell of the body, diligently guarding against the corrosive effect of free radicals. Without it, you are more likely to descend into ill health with frequent infections, cancer, muscle and cognitive breakdown.

Glutathione is simply the most important antioxidant in the body. Fortunately, many people are born with the genetic tendency to have low levels of glutathione.  In other cases, illness or injury can knock the levels down. This makes us more susceptible to on going poor health.


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Your Aging Immune System

Category: Anti Aging
immune system, vitamins, supplements, stress, sleep, alcohol Posted by: ShannonPetteruti


When we think of aging, we may think of wrinkled skin, thinning hair, decreased hearing or vision. These are the more tangible signs of chronologic aging. What about your immune system? Just like the other parts of your body, your immune system is affected by chronologic aging.  As we age, our ability to create antibodies diminishes. The neutrophils that are created do not move as effectively, and do not adhere to their targets as well. This all adds up to a greater vulnerability to infection with everything from the flu, to bladder infections, to pneumonia...

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Middle-Age Men, Too Can Blame Estrogen For That Waistline

Category: Anti Aging
Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

It is the scourge of many a middle-aged man: he starts getting a pot belly, using lighter weights at the gym and somehow just doesn’t have the sexual desire of his younger years.

The obvious culprit is testosterone, since men gradually make less of the male sex hormone as years go by. But a surprising new answer is emerging, one that doctors say could reinvigorate the study of how men’s bodies age. Estrogen, the female sex hormone, turns out to play a much bigger role in men’s bodies...

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Chelation Therapy reduced Cardiovascular Events

Category: Anti Aging
IV nutritional therapy, chelation treatment, detox, Vitamin C, Heavy metals Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Chelation treatments reduced cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, and death in patients with diabetes but not in those who did not have diabetes, according to analyses of data from the National Institutes of Health-funded Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT). However, researchers say more studies are needed before it’s known whether this promising finding leads to a treatment option.

Chelation is a chemical process in which a substance is delivered intravenously (through the veins) to bind atoms of metals or minerals, and hold them tightly so that they can be removed...

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Dr. Petteruti Graduates as a Fellow of Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine

Category: Anti Aging
anti-aging, weight loss, I.M. 120, testosterone, menopause, hormones, lowT, bioidentical Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Dr. Stephen Petteruti graduated as a fellowship trainined physician on December 14, 2013 from The American Academy of Anit-Aging and Functional Medicine. A fellowship trained physician is extra training and education, usualy one to two years above a board-certification. Dr. Petteruti is excited to bring this knowledge to New England. 

Dr. Stephen Petteruti, Shannon Petteruti, RN ...

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Living 'Bouldr' By Practicing Anti-Aging Medicine

Category: Anti Aging
Dr. stephen petteruti, Shannon Petteruti, weight loss, warwick RI doctors, TESTOSTERONE, STRENGTH, MIDDLE AGE, HORMONE THERAPY, HORMONE REPLACEMENT, AGING HEALTH, TESTOSTERONE, IMPOTENCE Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Living Boulder thanks to Antiaging Medicine

Here I am at 54, after I think 12 knee surgeries (at some point I lost count) running up and down Yawgoo Ski Resort, clearing obstacles, keeping up with my thirty-something wife and my young staff. I practice antiaging medicine so I can live better, not just longer.

I first noticed in my late 40's that I was starting to lose something. It was hard to put my finger on, but I just wasn't the same. Not the same sharpness of mind, not the same physical energy and strength. I started to wonder, "is this as good as it gets?" I was aware...

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New Anti-Aging Miracle - Sunscreen!

Category: Anti Aging

It's fair to say that sunscreen is the best anti-aging product out there. It's so good that you REALLY want to wear it EVERYDAY! Finding the right one is the key to actually wearing it everyday. I'm sure a lot of you are like me and hate, and I really mean it with a capitol H, sticky sunscreen. You know the kind you put on, then hold your hands up like you're scrubbing in for a surgery till you get to the sink and finally breath out as the soap washes over you. Ok, so I'm not talking about that one, I'm talking about a weightless,...

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What Every Good Man Needs To Know About Menopause

Category: Anti Aging


Dr. Stephen Petteruti explains how understanding menopause can help prevent couples from simply toddling off into old age but instead, embracing it.

Any man who makes the bold attempt to spend the arc of his life with a woman would be wise to understand menopause. This event is second only to childbirth in its...

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