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Cancer Support

Cancer Support

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November 5, 2016 - 4:45pm — ShannonPetteruti

There is more to fighting cancer than chemo, radiation and surgery.

The new era of cancer fighting includes reinforcing your body's immune system and general strength while maintaining energy. Achieving these goals can be helped by using supplements known to create a hostile environment for cancer, while also supportive to your immune system and energy.

At Intellectual Medicine we divide cancer treatment strategies into five broad groups; curative, suppressive, palliative, indolent, and secondary prevention. Knowing which category your cancer treatment falls into can help you make decisions about how to best utilize supplements, intravenous support, and other forms of complementary care to fight your cancer.

Our goal is to guide you towards the most effective, and efficient means of fighting cancer and supporting your health.

Curative means just what it says. The evidence exists to feel confident that your cancer can be fully cured. We define this as a greater than 90% probability of cure. If your cancer files into this category it is prudent to follow recommended treatment.

Suppressive means that the chance of curing the cancer is less than 90%, and the goal is to put it into remission and extend life span. There is not sufficient evidence to give confident reassurance that treatment will result in full resolution of the disease.

Palliative means that the cancer cannot be stopped. There's an attempt to improve quality-of-life and slow its progression.

Indolent means that the cancer is "sleeping" and may never cause a concern, but there is uncertainty whether or not it will progress in the future. Prostate cancer, some forms of lymphoma, some forms of breast cancer fall into this category.

Secondary prevention means that you have had cancer in the past and therefore have an increased lifetime risk. Measures need to be taken to diminish that risk and prevent cancer from returning.

At Intellectual Medicine we use guided supplements, nutraceuticals, high dose intravenous vitamin C, alpha lipoid acid, and other vitamins and supplements known to be toxic to cancer. This approach is extraordinarily safe and supports energy and health while it fights cancer.

In most cases the Intellectual Medicine approach to fighting cancer is best used along with conventional treatment.

In some cases, especially circumstances such as palliative care, the Intellectual Medicine approach may be superior to conventional care.

In the case of indolent cancers, the Intellectual Medicine approach may be a reasonable alternative to the toxicity and lifestyle compromise of conventional approaches. This is especially true for prostate cancer, some forms of breast cancer and some lymphomas and leukemias.

Few things in life are more overwhelming than being diagnosed with cancer. By taking a moment to gather all of the best information, you will be able to construct a strategy to fight it that fits your lifestyle and your philosophy. If you choose, we can be your partner in that fight.

Be your best self,
Dr. Stephen Petteruti