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New Help for Sufferers of Post Lyme Disease Syndrome

New Help for Sufferers of Post Lyme Disease Syndrome

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November 7, 2014 - 2:41pm — ShannonPetteruti

New Help for Sufferers of Post Lyme Disease Syndrome

Southern New England is ground zero for Lyme Disease. Every year, thousands of patients are acutely infected with this insidious spirochete. If you are fortunate, you had enough symptoms early on so that you and your doctor could recognize the disease and you could receive proper treatment right away.

However, in half the cases of Lyme disease, there is often no recollection of a tick bite occurring at all. That is because the deer tick that transmits Lyme Disease can be so small that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. In cases where early disease goes unrecognized, advanced symptoms can be established before a diagnosis is made.

Post Lyme Disease Syndrome

Even in cases where early diagnosis and treatment is rendered, many patients can be left with a condition referred to as "Post Lyme Syndrome." Symptoms include headache, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, brain fog, difficulty with concentration and sometimes, other neurological findings. 

Often times, patients persistent symptoms are met with skepticism from doctors. The refusal to fully acknowledge the legitimacy of the symptoms can lead to further treatment delays or even mis-directed therapy. Unless a doctor is well tuned to the symptoms and treatment options for post Lyme syndrome, they are likely to ascribe a patient's symptoms to depression, anxiety or other psychological entities. This can lead treatment down the wrong path. As far as we can tell, antidepressants do not kill the spirochete that causes Lyme Disease!

Are perpetual antibiotics necessary?

Some treatment protocols include months, even years of antibiotic combinations. Some patients gain relief while treatment is underway, however all too often symptoms relapse once antibiotics are withdrawn. In other cases, the response to antibiotic therapy is disappointing, yet lacking any reasonable alternatives many patients choose to persevere for fear that things will get much worse without treatment.

Your body can heal itself!

The treatment protocols used at I.M.120 for Chronic Lyme Disease or Post Lyme Disease syndrome combine the use of antibiotics if needed, with concurrently initiated intravenous high-dose vitamin C. Thus  enabling your immune system to rid your body of Lyme disease while the antibiotics are withdrawn. This provides a way to avoid having to take antibiotics constantly and put you on a path to a sustainable non-drug therapy that can be continued as long as needed.

Get your life back!

People suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease or Post Lyme Disease Syndrome can remember a time when they didn't feel so terrible. Their joints did not ache, their muscles were not sore, they had plenty of energy and their mind was clear.

Many very capable doctors mistake these symptoms for anxiety or depression because Post Lyme Disease Syndrome is difficult to diagnose and treat.

Don't give up the hope of a full recovery until you have had the opportunity to put our treatment approach to work!

To your best health,

Dr. Stephen Petteruti