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Your Immune System and Vitamin C | Fighting Cancer Together

Your Immune System and Vitamin C | Fighting Cancer Together

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April 19, 2016 - 1:51pm — ShannonPetteruti


The recent endowment of tech billionaire, Facebook co-founder Sean Parker, to fund cancer research focusing on boosting the immune system adds to the growing recognition that the traditional approach to treating cancer is not adequate.

Traditional medicine has been using "slash and burn" techniques for years with mixed results. Chemotherapy, surgery, and x-ray therapy have had pockets of success, but at what cost? Even in cases where there is "success" the patient pays a high price. Fatigue, weakness, not to mention nausea, vomiting, and hair loss, leave many patients seeking alternatives.

The truth is that your body possesses the power to kill cancer cells. In fact, cancer cells are routinely manufactured in the course of daily living. In the majority of cases your immune system keeps the cancer in check so you never know that the process is happening. A natural extension of this fact is to research ways to boost the immune system thereby letting your body kill the cancer more naturally. This approach promises to offer better results with fewer side effects.


Since the pioneering research of Linus Pauling, vitamin C has been used to boost the immune system and help fight cancer. Numerous studies have demonstrated that vitamin C kills cancer cells when given at high enough doses. Intravenous administration of vitamin C is required to achieve doses at cancer killing levels. The process is extraordinarily safe. The high doses are toxic to cancer cells, but harmless to natural cells of the body.


The sooner the better. In most cases it's best to use it concurrent with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. In addition to killing cancer cells, intravenous vitamin C can diminish side effects from conventional therapy.

Even in late stage cancer, intravenous vitamin C can improve quality-of-life. Recent studies have demonstrated that at the late stage of cancer, conventional chemotherapy actually makes things worse.

Changing in the approach to treating cancer will be slow. Acceptance of alternative therapies will generate resistance. Scientific evidence, even individual results will be dismissed by mainstream medicine. Like any industry, the cancer treatment business has developed powerful lobbies with strong financial incentives to maintain the status quo.

It requires an assertive patient advocating for their own best interest to apply all of the best weapons in the fight against their cancer. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation may be necessary to treat some cancers, but ignoring the bodies enormous power to heal itself is a dangerous oversight.

To your best health,

Dr. Stephen Petteruti