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How Big Pharma Influences Medicine

Category: Healthy Living
concierge medicine, functional medicine, direct doctor, ri, rhode island, dr. stephen petteruti, I.M. 120, big pharma Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Here is the cover of a major medical journal that was sent to me free of charge. You'll notice the huge ad. That is not a tear away, that is the actual cover. Can you imagine how much the drug company spent for that ad? Do you think it could possibly have influenced the content of the Journal either in this  or future editions?

How might the public react to a politician if on the podium there was a huge poster stating "brought to you by big oil." I suspect there would be major concern about undue influence.

Pharmacies pay for medical education

One of...

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How Antibiotics Can Damage Your Health

Category: Healthy Living
antibiotics, probiotics, super bug, Dr. Stephen Petteruti, I.M. 120, flu, sick,  vitamin C, winer, Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

The era of antibiotics in medicine began about 70 years ago in the aftermath of World War II. For the first time in human existence, specific drugs that could help to kill dangerous bacteria were introduced to the market.

These drugs have been important, life-saving assets in the arsenal of physicians. However, over the years their use has proliferated beyond their targeted intent. They have been given almost magical attributes and are seen by some doctors and many patients as a "cure all" for everything from a chest cold to a sinus infection.


We now...

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DEMENTIA: Why Good Brains Go Bad

Category: New Discoveries
dementia, brain health, Dr. Stephen Petteruti, Intellectual Medicine, detox, hormones, I.M. 120 Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

How I.M.120 can help save your brain.

Sometimes we joke about it, calling it a "senior moment." We take comfort when we see others suffering in a similar manner. In reality, the thought of losing our memory, and with it our personality, indeed the thought of becoming demented is terrifying. To make matters worse, there is no conventional medical treatment that can stop the inevitable progression of dementia leading to our inability to care for ourselves before it takes our life.


It simply makes no sense that a merciful creator would...

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5 Steps To Protect You From "Cancer Causing" Meat

Category: Healthy Living
red meat, cancer, grill, grilling, cancer causing, lunch meat, DIM, probiotic, alpha lipoid acid, Dr. Stephen Petteruti Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Let's start out by correcting the headline, red meat does NOT cause cancer.

The absurd, sensationalist interpretation of a scientific study has left many people feeling confused and uncomfortable.

It is true that certain types of meat when prepared in a certain manner seem to slightly increase the risk of colon cancer. The only cancer that was felt to be at increased risk was in fact colorectal cancer. The only type of meat that seems reliably correlated with it is processed meats such as; lunch meats, sausage, bacon, other artificially manipulated meats. Even...

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Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT2)

Category: Healthy Living
diabetes, heart disease, chelation, tact 2 trial, TACT2, NIH, heart attack, myocardial infarction Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

I.M.120 is thrilled to be a center providing the research for this trial. 

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. , Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $800,000 to Mount Sinai Medical Center of Florida and the Duke Clinical Research Institute to initiate a planning year for the second Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT2). Chelation is a process by which a medication, such as edetate disodium, can "grab" toxic metals like lead or cadmium within the body - which are...

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Is Anxiety Controlling Your Life?

Category: Healthy Living
anxiety, stress, mental health, hormones, vitamins, nutrition, IV vitamins, functional medicine Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Anxiety is a useful energy designed to help us to survive and thrive in a challenging world. That sense of enhanced awareness that accompanies you on a walk through dangerous part of the city can improve your chance of remaining safe. The slight knot in your stomach that drives you to study harder prior to the big test can actually accelerate your performance. The burst of adrenaline that accompanies your reaction to a crisis such as a fire can stimulate heroic actions.

These are just a few examples of circumstances where the energy that we call anxiety can have virtue. One type of...

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Building A Successful Weight Loss Practice | December 5 & 6th

Category: Weight Loss
dr petteruti, weight loss, weight loss seminar, metagenics, ny Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Building A Sucessful Business While Successfully Treating Obesity In Your Office
With The I.M.120 Method Seminar.

Treating Obesity In Your Office
How to help your patients while you create a profitable business.

The Problem
There is an obesity epidemic, and doctors are hamstrung by insurance limits, their limited experience, and the lack of a business plan. For years doctors and their patients have been given mis-information
about obesity. The concept that it's simply a matter of...

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Three People Get Bit By A Tick...

Category: Healthy Living
Treating Lyme Disease RI | Test for Lyme Disease RI | Lyme Disease Test RI Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Three people get bit by a tick that transmits the spirochete causing lyme disease into their bloodstream. The first person has a robust immune system that obliterates the spirochete before it causes problems. He never knows that he was ever bitten and never gets sick. The next person contracts Lyme disease with its typical symptoms, sees the doctor, gets treated and gets well with no further problems. The third person contracts Lyme disease, perhaps receives initial treatment, but does not fully recover. He goes on to have months and then years of fatigue, muscle ache and general misery....

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Gadolinium Alert: Risk For Your Brain

Category: New Discoveries
gadolinium, heavy metals, toxic, chelation, detox, ACAM, calcium EDTA Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

The FDA has put out an advisory warning patients of the possibility that gadolinium, a contrast material commonly used when performing MRIs, can accumulate in the brain. They recommend that patients and doctors weigh carefully the need for such studies. I suppose it's thoughtful of the FDA to put out such a warning, however they do not advise patients on how to get tested for gadolinium, nor do they counsel them regarding what to do about it. Avoiding MRIs may be an option...

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Chelation Therapy: What To Do With Inconvenient Evidence

Category: Healthy Living
chelation therapy, TACT trial, heart disease, NIH, heart attack, stroke, angina Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

What do we do with inconvenient evidence?

Imagine studying a seemingly absurd practice that is used to an alarming extent by those who believe in it despite the lack of evidence – and finding that the intervention improves outcomes. And imagine that the people conducting that trial are famous scientists with impeccable credentials who have extensive experience with this type of investigation. Imagine that the practice is so out of the mainstream that the investigators cannot even posit how the treatment could reduce patient risk?

We live in a world of evidence-...

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