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The Rectangular Lifespan

Category: Anti Aging
dr. Stephen Petteruti, direct doctor, concierge medicine, concierge doctor, primary care, BHRT, hormones, testosterone Posted by: GinaS

Everybody will eventually die, but does that mean we have to age?

Throughout the span of human history we have accepted the decline of physical and mental abilities as the inevitable consequence of aging. This type of aging has been termed the "Gradual decline" into varying degrees of infirmity before dying. 


Rapid advances in our knowledge about the factors that cause physical and mental decline are enabling us to neutralize their effect. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, we now know that oxidative...

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The Most Important Antioxidant In Your Body!

Category: Anti Aging
glutathione, chelation, IV therapy, antioxidant, dr petteruti, detoxifying Posted by: GinaS

It's found in every cell of the body, diligently guarding against the corrosive effect of free radicals. Without it, you are more likely to descend into ill health with frequent infections, cancer, muscle and cognitive breakdown.

Glutathione is simply the most important antioxidant in the body. Fortunately, many people are born with the genetic tendency to have low levels of glutathione.  In other cases, illness or injury can knock the levels down. This makes us more susceptible to on going poor health.


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Five Signs Your "Skinny Fat"

Category: Weight Loss
Posted by: GinaS
How can you tell if you have "skinny fat?" Even if you have a normal body weight, you could be carrying excess, dangerous fat throughout your body.
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Breast Cancer; What If The Pathologist is Wrong?

Category: New Discoveries
breast cancer, cancer, IV Vitamin C, Dr. Stephen Petteruti, pathology Posted by: GinaS

BREAST CANCER; what if the pathologist is wrong?

Recent studies have noted that up to 25% of the pathologist interpretations of low-grade breast cancer may be misdiagnosed.  Normal cells were sometimes misinterpreted as DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). This has led to some women receiving unnecessary treatments. 

Pathologists tend to be very accurate when it comes to invasive cancer, however DCIS is more challenging to diagnose and to figure out how to manage. Despite it's ominous sounding name, DCIS is not considered the equivalent of breast...

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Navigating Through Type 2 Weight Gain!

Category: Weight Loss
Posted by: GinaS

Sometime, typically in your early 20s, it begins. You had no problems in your youth or high school maintaining a healthy weight. Little to no effort was required. Your metabolism seemed to take care of you no matter what you ate. Then things begin to change.

Some call it the "Freshman 10."  In some cases it's the natural process of "filling out," that phase when an adolescent girl becomes a woman, or a boy becomes a man.  For the fortunate few, the net result is a healthy and balanced adult height and weight. For the majority, at least in America, this phase...

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Aesthetic Parties

Category: Aesthetics
botox, dysport, aesthetic, botox parties, medispa Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Do you wonder how some people have smooth skin with no wrinkles? How about their skin tone, even and tight. You too can have skin like this!

Aesthetic parties are a great way to connect with family and friends while keeping yourself from those dreaded wrinkles. I.M.120 hosts parties of up to 15 people. 

How does it work? Contact us and let us know your ready to host your 1st party. 

We will walk you through the simple plan and you could be on your way to FREE Botox and Photofacials...

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Your Aging Immune System

Category: Anti Aging
immune system, vitamins, supplements, stress, sleep, alcohol Posted by: ShannonPetteruti


When we think of aging, we may think of wrinkled skin, thinning hair, decreased hearing or vision. These are the more tangible signs of chronologic aging. What about your immune system? Just like the other parts of your body, your immune system is affected by chronologic aging.  As we age, our ability to create antibodies diminishes. The neutrophils that are created do not move as effectively, and do not adhere to their targets as well. This all adds up to a greater vulnerability to infection with everything from the flu, to bladder infections, to pneumonia...

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Direct Doctor Concierge Medicine

Category: Healthy Living
Dr. Stephen Petteruti, direct doctor, concierge medicine, concierge doctor, primary care Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

R.I. Physician makes house calls and doesn't accept insurance. Dr. Petteruti charges a monthly fee for those who are looking for advanced primary care. They will have unlimited appointments in his Warwick office, access to Dr. Petteruti through his cell phone, longer appointments and NO wait times. 

Dr. Petteruti is different from other physician's in Rhode Island who are offering Direct Primary Care. He is triple-board-certified in Family Practice, Medical Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. Combine that with his 25 years experience and you have a physician who can...

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Partial Fasting | Safety Defined

Category: Weight Loss
Weight Loss, Diet, Dr. Stephen Petteruti, healthy lunch, Rhode Island, Low carb, 600 calories healthy dinner, salad, low glycemic Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

The European food safety authority  (EFSA) has developed recommendations for very low calorie meal replacement diets. The recommendations support higher levels of protein and lower levels of carbohydrates than had been previously advised.  The report also emphasizes the importance of high-quality in the proteins selected.  The recommendations reinforce macronutrient teaching used in the I.M.120 Method.

The recommendations from EFSA call for 75 g of protein and 30 g of carbs on a daily basis when eating 600 cal per day.



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Prolonged Sitting Shortens Life Span

Category: Healthy Living
prolonged sitting, stroke, dvt, heart attack, life span, Dr. Petteruti Posted by: ShannonPetteruti

Every now and then millions of dollars are spent and numerous studies are done to validate intuitive knowledge. So it comes to us from the "Annals of Internal Medicine" that sitting around all day long is bad for you. In fact, it will shorten your lifespan.

This is not exactly earth shattering news. Do we really need studies to tell us that watching TV six hours a day is bad? Or that sitting in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day without any significant movement may cause harm?  While this element of knowledge may be intuitive, what was most interesting in the studies...

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