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How to Use Our Center

Whether your needs are for Functional Medicine, Weight Loss, Cancer Support, Bio-identical Hormones, or Concierge Primary Care—the best place to begin is with a consultation. During a relaxed meeting, you'll gain comfort and knowledge about the center and the provider. We take the time to learn your history to offer you better services. We'll always give you ample time to reflect upon the pathway that's best for you. You can use your provider as your consultant—guiding you through weight loss treatment, cancer care, and much more.

We customize our consultation regarding the best use of intravenous treatment, supplements or any of the other areas of specialty that meet your needs. In this pathway, you would pay fee for service at each visit.

There is also a "hormone/anti-aging" pathway. For a quarterly fee you can have your bio-identical hormones dispensed and managed. This service includes recommendations for supplements and other modalities for anti-aging. 

Finally, we offer a concierge option. With this service, you can use the Center for management of your hormones, IV therapy, consultation regarding supplements, and all of your other primary care needs. All of this is done in keeping with the mission of Intellectual Medicine: to help you live a healthy 120 years. Your concierge provider will have the knowledge and freedom to hold onto the best of conventional medicine while protecting you from its harmful aspects. Advanced functional medicine will be used to optimize well-being and avoid disease. 

More Freedom

Simply put, every time you see an I.M 120 doctor, your treatment will not be influenced by the government or an insurance company. Together with your doctor, you will be able to decide what is important and how best to use I.M. 120's resources to optimize your health and well-being.


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Every insurance company and every government program reserves the right to look at your private medical record whenever they want without prior notification. These types of "audits" are happening with greater frequency and are exposing your medical records to review by nonmedical clerks.

In concierge practice, no one will be able to view your records without a subpoena or direct written permission from you.

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This enhanced style of primary care will help you live your youngest, healthiest and longest life. In order to achieve all of this, we work together to explore your best options—with no limits.

Live the best version of yourself.

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