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'Drip Bar' Serves up Vitamins, Nutrients through IVs

July 11 2017

WARWICK – This place doesn’t serve the standard cocktail.

The “drip bar” does have its regulars, though, who say they’re reaping the benefits of intravenous infusions pumped with vitamins, amino acids and, in some cases, the antioxidant glutathione.

The Intellectual Medicine Drip Bar, also called I.M. 120, at 250 Centerville Road, Warwick, is a place where clients can stop in, roll up their sleeves and receive an IV infusion that serve various purposes.

Tammy Walsh, RN explains that each IV infusion performs basic functions – making clients feel better, and directly infusing the clients with nutrients that the body is typically depleted of.

Walsh, who works at the center in Warwick, explained the “drip bar” concept is still foreign to many New Englanders, as there are few places that administer these infusions in the region. I.M. 120 is the only “drip bar” of its kind in the state, Walsh explained.

At the Warwick location, run by Dr. Stephen Petteruti, customers can pick from a “menu” to decide which infusion is best for their needs.

Good Men Project

Good Men Project

October 13 2016

Dr. Stephen Petteruti took a unique path to become a very special kind of doctor. Triple Board Certified in Medical Weight Loss, Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine, and Primary Care, Dr. Petteruti has been pursuing his passion for greater than 20 years. He brings his unique combination of empathy, intellect, clinical and didactic experience to change the lives of the patients he encounters. Holistic, comprehensive, complete and driven to pursue the solutions to the most difficult of problems, Dr. Petteruti has a style of practice that is rare to find.You can find Dr Petteruti at the Warwick, RI location of I.M. 120

An aging immune system puts you at higher risk for viral illnesses and cancer. Here’s how to fight back.

An aging immune system puts you at higher risk for viral illnesses and cancer. Here’s how to fight back.

February 4 2015

When we think of aging, we may think of wrinkled skin, thinning hair, decreased hearing or vision. These are the more tangible signs of chronologic aging. What about your immune system? Just like the other parts of your body, your immune system is affected by chronologic aging. As you get older your ability to create antibodies diminishes. In addition, the neutrophils that are created do not move as effectively and do not adhere to their targets as well. This all adds up to a greater vulnerability to infection with everything from the flu, to bladder infections, to pneumonia and other viral illnesses like shingles. Most experts agree that a weakened immune system is one of the reasons for the increase in cancer as we age. The term medical experts use to describe the process of a fading immune system is "immune senescence." What can you do to fight back? 

The Drip Bar

Boost My Immune | IV Vitamin Drip

September 21 2014

Boost My Immune | High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Did you know that Vitamin C:

  • Is required for your body to make serotonin and other neurotransmitters?
  • Is anti-inflammatory, and a potent antioxidant?
  • Supports the immune system?
  • Helps in some neurological diseases?

Check out the The Drip Bar where we specialize in IV Infusions and Chelation Therapy.

Which conditions do we find may benefit from support with intravenous Vitamin C?

  • Cancer
  • Cold and Flu - shortens both severity and duration of illness
  • Wound healing - very useful for pre/post-surgery cases
  • Depression - Vitamin C helps raise neurotransmitter levels
  • Fatigue - revitalizes, boosts energy; best in combination with B-complex vitamins
  • Allergies - Vitamin C has antihistamine properties
  • Certain neurological conditions

Call us to find out how we can help you live your best life.


Dr. Stephen Petteruti, Intellectual Medicine, IM120

Intellectual Medicine

November 5 2016

Listen to Dr. Petteruti each Saturday from 8 to 9 AM on WPR0 99.7 fm and 630 am as he shares with you the secrets to living the 120 year lifespan. Learn how to use advances in science to stop the effects of aging, avoid cancer, heart disease and dementia, and protect yourself from the harmful aspects of modern medicine.

Call in with your own question, or listen to the guests on the show as you gain the benefit of "Intellectual Medicine" and apply it to your life.

Listen and watch:

Boosting Your Immune System & Are We Living Too Long

Boosting Your Immune System & Are We Living Too Long

February 18 2015

Do you have a suppressed immune system? Do you get sick often? Maybe it is time to think about an immune boosting supplement. Dr. Pettaruti, from I.M. 120 Warwick Rhode Island joins us tonight to talk about Immudyne and what benefits it could offer you.


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Dementia: Why Good Brains Go Bad

October 31 2015

"Senior moments"-- those temporary lapses in memory and aging people-- are often joked about among those within that population. In reality, the thought of losing one's memory, and with it our personality, is terrifying. To make matters worse, there is no conventional  medical treatment that can stop the inevitable progression of dementia leading to the inability to care for ourselves before dementia takes our life. 


It simply makes no sense that a merciful creator wouldn't that's the essence of our being an organ that is designed to fear before time on earth is through. Experts in the field know that dementia is largely a non-inherited condition that is reaching epidemic proportions in America, while it is less common in other parts of the world. These facts adjusting entry is largely the result of environmental forces, Which is good news since environmental forces can be modified.

The brain is designed to last the full span of one's life, so no one should accept it to deterioration as an inevitable consequence of aging. Rather it is critical to identify the modifiable forces and then Second take action against them in a meanigful way at a time when it can make the most difference. 

Raising the Bar

March 1 2017

Drip Bar Health Center Brings Big Ideas to Little Rhody

A man reclines peacefully, stretched out on a lounge chair. A woman lies close by on another chair, holding his hand. Their wide, contented smiles are the kind you’d expect of vacationers lying poolside at an upscale resort. But the man isn’t drinking a tropical cocktail; he’s receiving a therapeutic IV infusion in the drip bar at Intellectual Medicine 120, in Warwick.

Formerly the Petteruti Center for Life Extension, the facility was recently renamed to better capture its expanded breadth of services and the philosophy of its founder, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stephen Petteruti. Traditional health care, he says, has “taken the intellect out of medicine. I want to put it back in.” Petteruti, a primary care physician and doctor of osteopathic medicine, is also board-certified in medical weight loss, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Though Petteruti has received some criticism for his “unconventional ideas,” it doesn’t dampen his enthusiasm for medicine and passion for helping patients lead healthier, happier, longer lives.

Think Outside the Prescription Bottle

February 1 2016

Exploring alternative, non-medical treatment options.

IV Vitamin Infusions

For: Fatigue, headaches, Lyme disease, detoxification, cancer prevention, heavy metal buildup, weight loss and more.

How: An individualized “cocktail” delivers high doses of therapeutic vitamins and amino acids directly to the body’s cells. This approach trumps conventional oral supplements that are inhibited by the gastrointestinal tract’s natural ability to limit nutrient absorption.

What to expect: Treatments range anywhere between 15 to 60 minutes. Aside from the initial needle insertion, infusions are painless.

You should know: Vitamin drips are extremely useful for replenishing nutrients in chemotherapy patients, however they are not cancer treatments. “The energy-boosting properties of this treatment are real, however, and individuals can experience their effects during treatment and up to one week following,” says Doctor Stephen Petteruti.

Not Your Typical Cocktail

January 1 2016

Health hotspots throughout the country are adding a new type of bar, and I was admittingly suprised RI was no exception. Hydration therapy, that offer a 'cocktail approach' of vitamins intravenously is just one of the many services IM120 has to offer. 

Stages of Lyme Disease

July 1 2016

While intense controversy can surround any discussion of Lyme disease, nearly all clinicians agree that residents of New England are at high risk for acquiring an acute infection with the spirochete that causes Lyme. Early diagnosis can lead to a great outcome in the vast majority of cases when treated with appropriate antibiotics.


Speaking Engagements

Medical Weight Loss Practicum & Certification

November 15 2015

Medical Weight Loss Practicum & Certification
with Stephen Petteruti, DO and Shannon Petteruti, RN
ACAM offers this exclusive Medical Weight Loss Certification, with a pre-requisite of the ACAM “Successfully Treat Patient Obesity” webinar series. Besides testing on the ideas learned in the webinar, the practicum also includes the topic of advanced use of hormones in weight management, including functional management of thyroid and bio-identical sex hormones as they relate to managing obesity. The practicum will be concluded with an examination that will enable you to become certified by ACAM in personalized obesity treatment.

Dr. Stephen Petteruti, ACAM, weight loss, phentermine

Choosing the Right Medication for Treating Obesity

November 12 2015

Choosing the Right Medication for Treating Obesity: Use of Standard, Advanced Off-Labeled Drugs, & the Principle of ‘Sequential Polypharmacy’ 
with Stephen Petteruti, DO
Options for the treatment of obesity have expanded rapidly the last few years. Unfortunately, experience with how to integrate all the different options remains elusive. Single use of any one prescription drug is not fully effective in most cases. This two hour seminar will review all of the most effective prescription medicines, both on and off label, for treating obesity. More importantly, you will learn which combination of drugs work best and in it which doses to use them. If you are not actively treating obesity, this will be your springboard into this life-changing arena of medicine.