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Intellectual Medicine is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date, advanced, and balanced information regarding your health available today. We are dedicated to leading the pursuit of extending youth-span and the lifespan for anybody interested in living a younger, longer life.

We believe that modern “healthcare" has become over-focused on reacting to disease and has become too reliant on drugs, and surgery. Our healthcare system has been hijacked by self-serving corporate entities that have put their interests in front of the needs of patients. Preserving your health requires credible information to help guide you toward the most cost-effective path forward. At Intellectual Medicine we have no sponsors, we take no money from pharmaceutical companies or any other corporations promoting specific products or services. The “Intellectual Medicine" radio show and the “Intellectually Speaking,“ facebook show are both independently funded.

One of the consequences of bringing truth in healthcare to you has been opposition from some of the forces in organized medicine who feel threatened by what we do. They have launched legal attacks on our freedom of speech, and our freedom to deliver the health care that our patients are asking for. They hope to stop us through bureaucratic maneuvering, or simply by out spending us. This has led us to ongoing legal expenses that have run into the tens of thousands of dollars and continues to grow. By joining our team you will help us to fight the good fight. Your money will be used to keep us on air, and to help us win our legal battles.

Together, we will win the fight and continue to support your right to accurate information and your freedom to pursue the healthcare lifestyle you choose. Those of you who donate $100 or more will be given a free autographed copy of my book, “The Cancer Machine.” This exciting fiction novel is based on real life events and will give insight into the clash between truth and commercial interests in medicine.

Everyone who donates to our cause will be kept on our quarterly email update list. We will be giving inside information and expanded descriptions of everything to do with life extension. We look forward to having your support added to our cause. By donating even in the smallest amount, you have given a vote of confidence to the work that we do and for that we are very grateful. Please be aware that currently we are NOT a 501(c)(3) company and this donation is not tax deductible.

Sincerely, Dr. Stephen and Shannon Petteruti