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Like you, I was once frustrated with current trends in healthcare like bureaucratic demands and financial hassle. Science was advancing more rapidly than the practice of medicine and I knew there had to be a better way. That’s why I created “Intellectual Medicine 120”.

My vision was a practice with no health insurance limits. One that was fully cash-based. One that gives you the freedom to practice the type of medicine you always wanted. One that allows you to earn income far beyond your current level. I envisioned a practice that incorporated anti-aging therapy, the most advanced intravenous support, weight loss, and aesthetics—all into one patient satisfying, profit generating center. That vision is now a reality and this is your chance to be a part of it!

This is a rare moment in medical history. Now is your time to act. After learning about the Intellectual Medicine franchises, you will have two choices: continue complaining about medicine as it is, or stake your claim in a new style of practice that will give you and your patients a lifetime of satisfaction.

Go out and be the best version of yourself!


  • More Intellectual Freedom in Practice
  • Real Client-Centered Care
  • Less Healthcare Industry Bureaucracy
  • Increased Revenue Without Demands
  • Life-Long Clients and Patients
  • Expert & Experienced Support
  • Actual Results!

I.M. 120 Front Desk


A Healthier, Longer Life is Possible.

The mission for every I.M.120 center is to provide patients with a rejuvenating space and a dedicated team that is focused on helping them achieve their goals. Our physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse IV specialists and medical assistants work together to develop a personalized anti-aging medical program.

All of this is done in keeping with the mission of Intellectual Medicine: helping people live a youthful 120 years. As a concierge provider, you will have the knowledge and freedom to hold onto the best of conventional medicine while protecting clients from its harmful aspects. Advanced functional medicine will be used to optimize well-being and avoid disease.

We have developed a business that takes the risk out of abandoning insurance. We have developed successful pathways for weight loss, bio-identical hormone replacement, intravenous support for cancer and other chronic diseases, facial anti-aging, aesthetics, and Concierge Primary Care.

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The Future of Care and Coverage

I.M.120 practices a unique brand of functional and advanced anti-aging medicine. With the freedom of concierge medicine, you’ll be capable of integrating treatments using approaches that combine the best of nutritional, nutraceutical, and if needed, conventional medical treatments.

The model we work from at I.M.120 is different from what many people are accustomed to. Instead of going through health insurance, concierge medicine is based on a monthly fee that gives your clients open access to an enhanced level and intensity of services from you, their provider.

Services such as:

  • Unlimited Office Visits (with no added charges)
  • Anti-Aging services
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Support
  • Fitness and Supplement Guidance
  • House Calls
  • Same-Day Sick Visits



Do your clients know that it’s possible for them to remain at their physical, mental, and sexual prime throughout the span of their lives? It is possible! Now, imagine that lifespan lasting more than 100 years…

The Pillars of Anti-Aging

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
  • Detoxification
  • Living at their Best Weight
  • Anti-Oxidation
  • Advanced Supplements and Prescriptions

Slow Down Any Client’s Aging Process with Targeted IV Nutrients

While aging isn’t caused by one factor, free-radical damage is the dominant theory of why we age. Free radicals are implicated in such diseases as atherosclerosis, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, late-onset diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. During client consultations, I.M.120 will provide you with information about how our IV nutritional antioxidants, such as glutathione, and our supplements fight free radicals, slowing the rate at which we age and reversing some of the damage already inflicted.

Your clients deserve long lifespans… I.M.120 enables you to help them!

This is your chance!


After reading this, you can never complain about the state of health care again. I.M. 120 is your opportunity to break free from health insurance and government mandates. Imagine making more money than you are now, and never having to bill hormones, IV therapy, consultation regarding supplements, and all of your other primary care needs. All of this is done in keeping with the mission of intellectual medicine: to help you live a healthy 120 years. Your concierge provider will have the knowledge and freedom to hold onto the best of conventional medicine while protecting you from its harmful aspects. Advanced functional medicine will be used to optimize well-being and avoid disease.

Thank you for inquiring about an I.M.120 franchise. I look forward to sharing the art of life-changing medicine with intellectual freedom. For more information, please submit your name and email below.


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