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Given the choice between having hair, or watching it fall out, all men and women would prefer keeping their own hair.

Until now, options were limited to surgery or marginally effective tropicals.

"Platelet rich plasma" (PRP) is the breakthrough you have been waiting for. This non-surgical procedure is research proven to stimulate the development of new hair follicles, grow new hair and thicken existing hair. Since you are using your own cells, there are no adverse reactions. Of course there will be no scarring or postoperative pain since this is a non-surgical procedure. Finally, it is remarkably inexpensive.

How does it work? 

A portion of your blood is drawn into a specialized test tube. A patented process is used to spin out the blood and separate the platelets and plasma from the red and white blood cells. This "platelet rich plasma" is then injected into the scalp throughout the area to be treated. The plasma and platelets are endowed with robust growth factors that are released after they are injected, stimulating the body to make new hair follicles.

Does it hurt?

We use a very small needle to inject the PRFM. Our clients report minimal pain. 

Is there any downtime?

No. You can go back to work immediately and resume full activity including strenuous workouts.

How many treatments are required?

In most cases 2-3 treatments will be recommended, each approximately 1 month apart.

When can I expect to see results?

Effects can be apparent as soon as three months after the last treatment. New growth can be seen as soon as three months after treatments are begun. Full affect may take up to 12 months.

How long does it last?

Newly developed follicles are yours to keep, however the process of hair loss may well continue. It is best to anticipate annual treatments to maintain the hair follicles that would otherwise be vulnerable.

Can I use it if I've had a hair transplant?

Yes. In many cases it is an ideal complement to keep the transplanted follicle strong, and encourage development of new follicles.

Who are the best candidates?

The best time to begin is when you first notice hair beginning to thin. If you have had recent hair thinning but still have some hair follicles left, you are a good candidate. On the other hand, if it has been many years since any growth has occurred and you have a completely bald scalp, this may not be your best option. The longer the follicles have been silent, the harder it will be to wake them up.

What are the adverse effects?

There are few side effects from the procedure. The primary adverse outcome would be the null effect, that is the lack of any stimulated hair growth. Although rare, such a lack of response is possible.

What do you recommend after the treatment?

There are several options to support optimal hair growth. One is use of our unique "IM120" topical cream. This prescription blend of products includes; minoxidil, finasteride, thyroid hormone, biotin, melatonin, and progesterone to support hair growth. In our experience it is the best topical yet devised

Another option would be to use growth hormone boosting injections. Growth hormone has been shown to stimulate the development of new cells, therefore it will likely have benefit when it comes to making new hair follicles.  We use a 30-day cycle of an injectable, prescription "Semorelin" to stimulate maximum safe growth hormone production.

In addition, we recommend oral supplements to support best hair growth including our unique blend "Cashmere Luster" that has a mixture of biotin, Saw Palmetto and other supplements to stimulate hair growth.

It should be noted that none of these treatments are FDA approved for growing new hair and are based on clinical research and our experience.

Clinical Studies:

Add I.M. 120’s "Growth Hormone" Booster to any PRP treatment

Growth hormone is essential for new tissue generation. Its use can improve the texture and quality of skin, collagen, and other components of soft tissue.

At Intellectual Medicine we have developed a protocol using injectable growth hormone boosters to enhance the effect of our antiaging treatments. The protocol does not involve using growth hormone itself, but rather uses a daily injection of the hormone that stimulates your body to produce more of its own growth hormone. The needles used are tiny and can barely be perceived as they are injected. The recommended cycle of treatment is for 30 days.

The anti-aging booster protocol uses a compounded substance manufactured at an FDA regulated sterile compounding facility. The boosting procedure itself is not FDA approved, and its use is based upon our clinical experience. 

The booster treatment is appropriate for most of the anti-aging modalities.  The use of this booster can be discussed at your consultation.

ADD I.M. 120's "The Firm" Intravenous Collagen Booster to any PRP treatment

Vitamin C is a critical component in the formation of collagen. By giving high doses intravenously, along with other collagen forming vitamins (such as biotin) and supplements, the effect of your treatment can be enhanced.

We recommend an intravenous infusion the day of your treatment, and then a repeat infusion at weekly intervals for the next two weeks. In this manner you can concentrate the benefit during the time of the most dynamic healing from the treatment.

The IV’s are safe and painless. They take about 20 minutes to infuse.