About the IV Drip Bar


Because vitamins and minerals cannot be patented, there has been little financial support for large-scale studies of their safety and efficacy, particularly in comparison to patented (and profitable) prescription drugs. However, the growing body of peer-reviewed studies of IV infusion therapies has found few significant side effects. IV infusion therapies have consistently been shown to be safe. We recognize that some clinicians assert that patients should obtain all vitamins and nutrients through diet alone.

While proper dietary intake of vitamins is essential, the assertion that only oral intake should be used fails in several significant regards. First, few of us maintain a lifestyle that permits such optimal nutrition and hydration. Second, many people are unable to consume the amount of fruit, vegetables, and other food products necessary to achieve such optimal nutrient levels. Third, some people enjoy vegan or other restrictive diets that should be supplemented to achieve optimal nutrient intake. Fourth, many people require targeted nutritional uptake, due to lifestyle, major life stressors, or conditions affecting the stomach and intestines that cannot realistically be attained by self-directed dietary management. Lastly, many nutrients, such as Vitamin C, are rate-limited when taken orally, such that genuinely beneficial blood serum levels can only be attained by IV infusion.

At the I.M.DRIPBaR, we recognize that your health and wellness plan must accommodate you, not the other way around. So kick back, relax, and refresh yourself with the vitamins and nutrients designed to fit your lifestyle and help you BE YOUR BEST SELF.