Joint PRP injections

We offer non-surgical PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections for pain relief and improved joint function by stimulating the body's natural repair system.

Can be used for:
☑️ Knee pain
☑️ Tennis Elbow
☑️ Hip Pain
☑️ Ankle Injuries
☑️ Rotator Cuff
☑️ ACL
☑️ SI Joint
☑️ Tendinitis


Renew your joints with PRFM.

Your body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself. Every day that you are alive your body is working to restore injured parts, including things like arthritic joints. It is a mistake to think of these joints as being “worn out“ and incapable of improving. Sometimes an injured or arthritic joint just needs some help to regain vitality.

Before you resort to surgery, and certainly before you resort to taking out biologically active tissue and replacing it with metal or plastic, you owe it to yourself to consider all your options.

Research into the science of healing has led to the discovery that platelets have “growth factors“ in them that stimulate the healing process. By concentrating platelets and re-injecting them into areas of concern, the body's self healing power can be amplified.


“PRFM” stands “Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix.” In this procedure your blood is drawn into specialized test tubes, and then spun in a special centrifuge. This separates the red and white cells from the platelets and clear plasma. The concentrated platelets become the substrate for healing and are injected into the joint or area of concern. PRFM has been FDA approved for injection into the knee, but is commonly used “off label“ for other areas of concern. 

Great results have been seen in all joints, especially shoulders and knees. The PRFM injections have also been used to help speed healing of injured muscles and tendons.

At Intellectual Medicine we will sometimes combine the plasma injections with other supportive modalities such as; stimulation of growth hormone, and therapeutic infrared sauna.

With no downtime, no surgical risk, and no sacrifice of your natural tissue, the PRFM joint injection is an incredibly safe and effective option that helps your body heal itself.


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