Lipodissolve | Kybella

Gender, genetics and age can leave us with unwanted areas of fat accumulation. Target and remove problem area fat with lipodissolve, also known as body sculpting. These targeted areas do not respond to general weight reduction.

Common areas for women include; beneath the belly button, inner thighs, "saddlebags" on the outer thigh, back of the arms, upper back under the bra line, and the area underneath the chin. For men common areas include; "love handles," abdominal fat pad, and the area under the chin.

As always, at I.M.120 the most important step in the process is the consultation. We will not direct you toward a treatment unless we believe it has a high probability of success.


The Perfect Curve (that’s what we call our procedure) uses a combination of naturally occurring enzymes that destroy fat cells. The subsequent cell fragments are then absorbed into to the circulation and eliminated through the stool in a natural process over time. This technique has been perfected by intellectual medicine over the past 15 years. Our response rate and client satisfaction rates are near 100%.

How does it work?
The "Perfect Curve" solution is administered through a series of small injections over the area to be treated. The enzyme breaks down the wall of the fat cell thereby exposing its contents to the metabolic process. The released free fatty acids are absorbed by the bloodstream and processed out with the bile

How long does the effect last?
Since the fat cells are destroyed, the benefit is permanent. In some cases, clients will choose to have the area treated a second time to gain an enhanced outcome.

Does it hurt?
The "I.M.120" topical anesthetic is used to diminish pain. There will be a mild burning sensation that will occur immediately after the injection. This typically lasts for up to 30 minutes. The area is commonly sore the next day although most people resume normal activities. Most clients do not feel the injections themselves due to our numbing cream.

What will I look like after the procedure?
Significant swelling will occur and last for up to a week after the injections. This should be taken into account especially when treating the face. After one week the swelling will have diminished to the point where it should not be very noticeable. Bruising and redness may also take place.

Does it work on cellulite?
Yes! It is one of the most effective treatments to permanently reduce cellulite.

Can it be used for general fat reduction?
We do not recommend it for this purpose. Perfect Curve is a "body sculpting" tool. If you need generalized fat reduction we recommend I.M.120 weight-loss program first, followed by body sculpting if needed.

How does this procedure compare to others like it such as "Kybella" and "Cool Sculpting”?
At I.M.120 we have 15 years of experience treating large areas with great success using "The Perfect Curve." Kyblella is only used to target the area under the chin. Since The Perfect Curve uses a combination of enzymes, including the one used in "Kybella," only at significantly higher doses, in our experience we have noted superior outcomes.

"Cool Sculpting" uses a process of freezing the tissue to kill fat cells. Unlike the Perfect Curve, the freezing is indiscriminate and can potentially harm other cells besides the fat cells intended.

In addition, The Perfect Curve is significantly less expensive than either of the other two procedures. The average cost for cool sculpting typically exceeds $2000 per area. Kybella costs an average of about $3000 per treatment, and can only be used under the chin. The perfect curve costs only $950. More effective, less costly, no contest!

Is "The Perfect Curve" FDA approved?
Since the Perfect Curve uses a unique combination of compound of products, it does not require FDA approval. The products are compounded individually at an FDA regulated sterile compounding facility.

Is the procedure safe?
In over 15 years of experience there have been no major complications. Potential adverse effects can include; infection, bruising, swelling, pain, and temporary numbness in the area injected. The day after the procedure there can be some mild nausea and potential loose stool. You will be prescribed medications to control these potential symptoms.