Liquid Facelift

For clients with a desire for an extensive antiaging facial improvement, the Liquid Facelift may be the right choice. This choice is also a great option for patients who have extensive need, but do not desire surgery, or have medical barriers that would prevent surgery from happening. The Liquid Facelift can also be used to bolster the effect of a prior surgery thus extending its benefits.

At I.M. 120, the Liquid Facelift includes artfully applied fillers of varied types and amounts to reverse tissue deficits such as; hollow cheeks, sunken eyes, atrophied lips, sagging skin, wrinkles and lost skin tone.

Botox or equivalent products are used as a component of the liquid facelift to reverse wrinkles and to complement the effect of the fill to give it maximum benefit.

In some cases, the liquid facelift can be combined with the vampire facial, micro-needling, or the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for even greater affect. The decisions regarding the best approach will be made at the time of your consultation.

What’s a “Liquid Facelift”?

A liquid facelift is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment that provides the finished results of a traditional facelift but without all the downtime and recovery. This treatment lets you stay youthful and radiant for months without needing a touch-up treatment. Botox is used to treat dynamic wrinkles while dermal fillers are used to fill the sunken areas of your skin and smooth away fine lines. Combining these two can dramatically improve your appearance.


This injectable is a purified protein solution. It can take up to a week to see the full results from a Botox treatment, and the results last up to three or four months. Botox works to relax the muscles in our face that cause wrinkles to form, such as the muscles around the eyes or around the mouth. When these muscles relax the skin over them is also able to relax, which makes the wrinkles disappear. This treatment can be used either to treat existing wrinkles or as a preventative treatment against wrinkles forming in the future.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are effective at hydrating and filling-out dry, sunken skin. When we age we lose collagen and elastin, two key components to staying youthful and healthy-looking. Hyaluronic acid fillers stimulate the production of collagen, so the results from these fillers last a bit longer than Botox because they actually force your body to heal itself and make itself look young.

Other fillers, such as Bellafill, contain PMMA, which means this filler is extremely long-lasting -- up to five years!

Benefits of a Liquid Facelift

If you are hesitant to undergo surgery, you’re in good company -- many other people are also unsure of whether to go under the knife. A liquid facelift is worth a try because a temporary solution to some signs of aging. If you don't like your results, you won’t need a second treatment to fix them, as you would if you had a botched surgery.

Your results will also look more natural than a traditional facelift because this treatment does not reposition the skin in any way. Fillers contain ingredients found naturally in the body already, and they just serve to boost your supply. Botox, when administered by a trained professional, produces natural-looking results that will leave your friends wondering if you had any work done at all or if you've discovered the fountain of youth.

Both men and women can benefit from this procedure, just as both genders can benefit from Botox or dermal fillers alone. Aging does discriminate, so why should Botox? This treatment is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and boost your confidence.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Anyone who has started noticing fine lines and wrinkles in any part of the face can benefit from a liquid facelift. If you suffer from sagging cheeks, sunken eyes, or thin lips, a liquid facelift treatment may be able to refresh your look.

At your consultation, we can develop a personalized treatment plan to figure out exactly which areas of the face need to be addressed and how often you should come in for touch-up treatments. If you are interested, we can also discuss which treatments can be combined with a liquid facelift for even better results. The possibilities are endless at I.M. 120!

ADD I.M. 120’s "Growth Hormone"
Booster to any PRP treatment

Vitamin C is a critical component in the formation of collagen. By giving high doses intravenously, along with other collagen forming vitamins (such as biotin) and supplements, the effect of your treatment can be enhanced.

We recommend an intravenous infusion the day of your treatment, and then a repeat infusion at weekly intervals for the next two weeks. In this manner you can concentrate the benefit during the time of the most dynamic healing from the treatment.

The intravenous boosters are safe and painless. They take about 15 minutes to infuse.