Chronic Fatigue

Few things in life are more discouraging or misunderstood than chronic fatigue.

Waking up every day feeling tired and staying that way throughout the span of the day takes much of the joy out of living. As if that weren't enough, your condition cannot be seen or appreciated but outside observers. Even people closest to you can sometimes lack empathy.

At I.M. 120 we appreciate and understand the complexities of this condition. Our first objective is to uncover any missing aspect to the diagnosis. We have found many patients with chronic fatigue are actually suffering from low hormone conditions, inadequate thyroid function, nutritional deficits, chronic lyme syndrome and other treatable conditions.

When the cause is identified and treated, energy can be restored.

The range of tools we have at our disposal include IV vitamins and supplements, bioidentical hormone repletion, exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT), in addition to the conventional array of pharmacologic agents.

No one has more to offer you for your chronic fatigue condition than your providers that I.M. 120.

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Lucas J. Burford