Conventional medicine's most common approach to treating these conditions is to globally suppress the entire immune system thereby diminishing symptoms. However, such a strategy comes at a steep price. Weakening the immune system makes you more venerable to all sorts of known infections, and increases your risk of cancer.

At I.M. 120 our approach is two fold; search for the trigger that started the process while reducing the symptoms without harming the host.

The central question in all autoimmune disorders is simply this, what triggered the immune system to attack its own cells? In some cases, the answer may lie in toxins such as heavy metals that into the cells. Once they are there, the immune system perceives the cells as being "alien" and begins attacking them.  In most cases we will recommend testing for heavy metals to consider whether or not "chelation" therapy will have a role in treatment.

All autoimmune disorders have an overload of free radicals that cause corrosive damage to the body. Another aspect of treatment will be guiding antioxidant therapy to neutralize free radicals. In most cases the antioxidants will be given orally, and in many cases intravenous administration will be recommended.

In some cases, low-dose naltrexone (LDN) Will also be recommended. This specially compound prescription agent can be most useful in cases of inflammation that causes muscle and joint pain.

In addition to attacking your autoimmune disorder by neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammation, we will focus therapy on strengthening the body through the use of supplements, hormones, and nutritional therapy.

Often times these different treatment modalities are layered in a stepwise fashion until an adequate response is achieved.

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Lucas J. Burford