Exercising with Oxygen Therapy

A person can survive weeks without food, days without water, minutes without oxygen. Simply put, no oxygen, no life.

Just as a human would struggle without adequate oxygenation, individual cells can suffer when exposed to a low oxygen environment. This can occur despite feeling comfortable while breathing, and with apparently normal circulation. The place where oxygen is moved from the blood into the cells happens at the smallest of arteries called "capillaries." It is at this level that some of the body's cells can become compromised in there oxygen level. This is due to accumulated toxins, obstruction of capillaries, decrease in the number of capillaries as we age, and other factors related to low oxygen.

During "EWOT" or "exercise with oxygen therapy" modest intensity exercise on a stationary bicycle is combined with 100% oxygen to supersaturate the cells and plasma, delivering a tidal wave of energy enhancing oxygen to cells throughout the body.

At Intellectual Medicine we use an advanced form of "EWOT" that will cycle you from a low oxygen state to the 100% saturation level. While in the low oxygen state the cells and arteries adapt making them more capable of taking advantage of the subsequent high oxygen infusion.

In as little as 15 minutes once a week, this therapy has helped patients increase energy, reverse muscle and tendon injuries (including chronic tendinitis), improve fibromyalgia, sharpen mental clarity, and have other positive effects that can help slow the aging process itself.

This therapy has also helped patient suffering with poor circulation from diabetes and other medical conditions. It can also be helpful to patients suffering from early memory loss sent since it infuses the brain with super oxygenated cells.

As always, the most important thing we do at Intellectual Medicine it's carefully evaluate your circumstance and guide you towards the best therapy or combinations of treatments to help you live at your strongest, most energetic, most youthful level.

Lucas J. Burford