You weren't born this way. You can remember a time in your life when everything didn't hurt you every day.

Somewhere, somehow things changed. Too often when conventional medicine can't acquire a ready answer, they resort to treating symptoms with drugs that often cause more harm than benefits.

Many of the agents used to treat fibromyalgia cause obesity, fatigue, and further loss of energy.

And I.M. 120 we well first attempt to find the cause of the chronic muscle aching. Rather than except the label, we will look for a cure.

Inflammation is always at the center of fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain. Our approach will include aggressive antioxidant therapy in the form of oral supplements, along with the possible use of intravenous vitamins, minerals in nutraceuticals. We will also consider the role of bio identical hormone's and optimal weight management. 

When we treat all the different elements that are contributing to your muscle pain, we frequently find that the pain will either completely disappear, or diminish to the point where it will no longer dominate your life.

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Lucas J. Burford