Why is it that so often, even when patients are diagnosed with hypothyroidism and treated by their doctor, symptoms still persist?

In other cases, there may be symptoms of hypothyroidism such as fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, constipation, thinning hair, fluid retention, cold intolerance, that are dismissed simply because the lab test is "normal."

At Intellectual Medicine, we treat the patient, not the lab results. This is especially relevant to those with a sub optimal functioning thyroid. Conventional doctors are trained to merely test the TSH. If the test is in the broad, "normal" range then no treatment is offered. At Intellectual Medicine we test the full range of thyroid functions including T3 and T4. We then apply a more advanced interpretation of those results, factoring in the patient's symptoms. Frequently, even when the TSH is in the "normal" range, a person can experience symptoms and respond favorably when the thyroid medicine is adjusted to a more optimal level.

Simply replacing thyroid hormone with traditional "Synthroid" or "levothyroxine" is usually not enough to have you feeling your best. Likewise, using purely "natural desiccated thyroid" can leave you with an improper balance of T3 and T4.

By blending thyroid replacement in our unique, advanced protocol, we are able to obtain superior results for our patients.

Managing the thyroid is a complex undertaking. Adjustment in doses sometimes need to be made seasonally as thyroid needs are different in the spring and fall.

Thyroid function is also dependent on healthy vitamins and minerals, properly functioning adrenal glands, and balanced sex hormones. At Intellectual Medicine we apply our nutritional, intravenous supplement, and hormonal expertise to address the full range of symptoms.

Lucas J. Burford