Low Testosterone

As we age our testosterone levels gradually fade.

This occurs to both men and women. If the hormone is not restored to a youthful level, it can accelerate many of the symptoms of aging.

Both men and women can suffer The following symptoms; decreased energy, diminished clarity and speed of brain function, depressed mood, loss of confidence, increased adiposity, decreased muscle mass, diminished size of the genitals, decreased sex drive. All of the symptoms can be reversed by properly replacing the testosterone that has been fading over the years.

At I.M. 120 we believe that no person should be compelled to go through life without a full complement of all of their hormones.

For women the need for testosterone usually manifests much earlier. Sometimes as early as the late 30s. If the symptoms and the bloodwork align, bio identical replacement of testosterone can be life-changing. The loss of testosterone occurs prior to the drop in progesterone and estrogen. Women suffering low testosterone syndrome will typically manifest the symptoms while still menstruating.

In the case of men the fading of testosterone is a bit more gradual, but equally damaging. Conventional medicine does not fully appreciate the effect of low testosterone on well-being and tends to avoid offering replacement unless levels are profoundly diminished outside of the normal range.

In reality, the "normal range" is a generalized number that does not have clinical application to individuals. At intellectual medicine we believe in treating the patient more than the lab results.

In the case of testosterone, more is not always better. Whenever hormones are being treated, balance must always be considered. All of the hormones must be addressed at the same time to ensure the best outcome. Simply prescribing testosterone is in adequate to support the antiaging the lifestyle that we aspire for our patients.

Reversing low testosterone is an important element of antiaging therapy,  however there is much more to achieving the robust outcomes that you deserve. Restoration and preservation of healthy erectile function requires more than just testosterone therapy. Preventing testicles from shrinking well testosterone is being replaced is another detail that we attend to at intellectual medicine that is often neglected.

When the hormones are aligned, and other elements of anti-aging brought to bear, living 120 years can be full of youth, energy and sexual vitality.

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Lucas J. Burford