Memory Loss

Nothing is more dreaded or ominous than the potential to lose your memory and slip into dementia.

Conventional medicine has literally nothing to offer when it comes to preventing dementia. All the testing, all the imaging, and all of the horrible drugs do nothing to diminish the likelihood of acquiring dementia, and do nothing to preserve intellectual function.  In many cases, some commonly prescribed drugs can accelerate damage to the brain and contribute to foggy memory and diminished recall.

Over-the-counter supplements and brain games that you can buy on the Internet are of no proven benefit.

The most important detail of memory preservation is to start early. At I.M. 120 we believe in testing everybody for heavy-metal exposure. Lead, aluminum, perhaps even gadolinium, can all contribute to brain damage. Like other insults to the brain however the delay between exposure and effect can be decades. Action must be taken early when you're feeling your best to diminish the risk of developing dementia later.

There is also growing evidence that early introduction of bioidentical hormone and support may diminish the risk of dementing illness in memory loss later in life.

In addition to diminishing heavy metal toxins, using advanced antioxidant therapy, and supplementing hormones, blood flow to the brain must always be considered of paramount importance. "Vascular dementia" is second only to Alzheimer's as a cause of memory loss.

If you are experiencing early signs of memory loss, efforts must be redoubled. In addition to heavy-metal testing controlling free radical damage to the brain is critical. Oral, and often intravenous supplements including high-dose Alpha lipoic acid may have a role in treatment.

Enhancing oxygenation of the brain through exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) is another tool that we may recommend to rejuvenate and support brain function.

At I.M. 120 we use credible and scientifically valid approaches to preserving and restoring memory.

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Lucas J. Burford