Sexual Difficulties

Maintaining the capacity for healthy sexual activity throughout your entire lifespan is a sign of youthful good health.

At I.M. 120 we look at healthy sexual function like a vital sign. Even if you don't currently have a partner, sexual health should not be neglected.

The components of healthy sexual function include spontaneous libido manifested by random sexual thoughts. Responsive libido manifested by the capacity to respond in the face of the proper environment and stimulation, and finally the physical capacity to engage in intercourse and achieve climax.

Accepting the inevitable changes of sexual function is also a part of good sexual health. Even with optimal hormone replacement and successful antiaging therapy, sexuality does evolve over time. There will be occasions where erections are not sufficient. There will also be occasions where orgasm cannot be achieved. Accepting these inevitable (if infrequent) events is part of good sexual health.

Certainly good sexual health requires optimal sex hormone levels. However often it goes far beyond that element. If the thyroid is out of balance it can interfere with sexual function. Poor blood flow can also compromise erections and other aspects of sexual responsiveness.

At I.M. 120 we have the means to thoroughly evaluate all the contributing variables to sexual function. In the case of men, we have had nearly 100% success rate at restoring erectile function.

For women, issues often have to do with vaginal dryness, sexual desire, and capacity to achieve climax. By first analyzing the cause and then designing the proper intervention, we have the ability to reverse all of the symptoms and restore youthful vitality.

Sexual function is complicated and certainly does involve psychological elements. However, if the hormonal and physical issues are not addressed, no amount of counseling will help.

At I.M. 120 we take sexual health seriously and treat it empathically.

Lucas J. Burford