Testing for Lyme Disease

Get your Lyme disease test!

Testing for Lyme disease, and properly interpreting the results, is one of the more difficult things to do in medicine.

Due to its complexity, many doctors tend to avoid the topic altogether. If the initial test is "negative" their pursuit of lyme disease as a cause of your symptoms comes to an end.

We know that the conventional testing for Lyme disease can often be misleading. In some cases advanced testing must be performed to determine whether or not active Lyme disease is contributing to symptoms.

Even more important than the laboratory testing is a detailed clinical history. Only by taking the time to combine the history with the proper testing for Lyme and other lyme like entities can a proper diagnosis be rendered.

As soon as you suspect something might be wrong, call I.M. 120 for a Lyme disease test today!

Lucas J. Burford