Treating Lyme Disease

Treatment for a better life

Treating Lyme disease starts with a proper diagnosis, and open mind, and the philosophy of persistence until success is achieved. At I.M. 120, we embody all of these attributes.

Lyme disease is notorious for its stealth. We believe that the spirochete that causes the disease can cleverly hide, go into remission, and reemerge at various times throughout your life to create new rounds of symptoms.

Our treatment approach is to first discern whether the symptoms are from active, on going Lyme disease, or a post lyme syndrome. If the disease is felt to be active, aggressive treatment with antibiotics, in some cases intravenous antibiotics, is often required. Concurrent with active antibiotic therapy are treatments targeted to boost your immune function. An optimally functioning immune system is critical to controlling Lyme disease.

The duration of therapy will vary greatly. In all cases we strive to minimize the amount and duration of antibiotic exposure.

In some cases, the spirochete that causes Lyme disease will have been effectively eradicated. However, the damage will have been done and the symptoms will linger as a consequence. In this setting we address the need to rebuild physical and mental vitality as well as immunologic health. By combining nutraceutical supplements with intravenous therapy and hormonal support when needed, we have been able to guide patient back to their previous state of good health.

Don't give up hope. A full recovery is within reach!

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Lucas J. Burford