Weight Loss | Groups

Groups - Strength in numbers

In this social environment, you’ll meet others embarking on the same journey. Small groups (3-6 on average) enable members to learn from the experience of others and provides support from like-minded individuals for the life changes required to be successful. Everyone in your group will be sharing the same journey of weight loss through I.M. 120.

Many people find this form of group accountability to be highly motivating. With the team approach you will have people cheering you on. If you are so inclined, you have the option to speak less and listen more, learning from others through observation. The relationships you build in your group can be continued indefinitely as you graduate and move into your maintenance program. The groups will not always consist of the same people. Individuals who thrive in groups are those who are open to making new relationships and would enjoy the benefit of "friendly competition".

Can I convert from individual to group or vice versa?
You can change at any point. When converting from individual to group the cost difference is not refunded. When going from group to individual you are required you to pay the original difference in cost between the two programs.

Treatment - Phase 1

This treatment cycle lasts for six months.The most common pattern would include weekly group meetings with your individual counselor for the first eight weeks, followed by meetings every other week for 4 months. We have found the six-month interval to be essential to achieve durable, significant weight loss. Rather than have to make a decision every week, or have rapid loss followed by rapid weight gain, the six-month interval is an essential part of I.M. 120 for permanent loss. Variations of this approach can include telephone meetings for those who are traveling or are some distance from the center.

Your core curriculum will include techniques to deal with the triggers for your eating, such as;

  • Neutralizing comfort eating

  • Interrupting habitual eating

  • Diminishing hunger drive

Time is also spent learning techniques for coping with social eating such as;

  • Dining out

  • Family and social gatherings

  • Business eating

Essential vitamin, mineral and supplements support: In many cases, shrinking caloric intake can expose you to micronutrient deficiencies. Your phase 1 treatment will include consultation with an I.M. 120 expert to prescribe the right balance of supplements to ensure optimization of vital organ and brain function.

Regular physician appointments; There will be regular appointments with an I.M. 120 Dr. to monitor progress, adjust medications, and if indicated reduce or eliminate other drugs that are no longer needed as your weight diminishes. I.M. 120 has pioneered many combinations of specially balanced prescription medications and nutraceuticals. These will be formulated based upon your individual need and monitored to ensure maximum benefit and safety. Medications are used to support your success and are not a permanent feature of your life going forward.

Access to our private facebook group were we share struggles, successes, ideas and support each other. Currently in our program, ask to join!

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Groups Meet
Monday: 5:00 pm
Tuesdays: 5:00 pm & 6:30 pm
Wednesday: 6:00 pm
Thursday: 10:00 am
Friday: 12:00 pm

I finished my first 6 months, now what?

At I.M. 120, we don’t abandon you after you’ve lost weight.  We believe that the key to long-term success is continued guidance and support to help you maintain all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  So, for two years after you’ve met your goal, we will help you meet the challenges of going back to “life as usual” in order to help you continue to make healthy choices and keep the weight from sneaking back into your life.

In the maintenance phase we offer you continued overall health and body composition analysis, advanced testing and analysis of your metabolism, strategies for a lifetime of wellness, signature supplements and products, and of course a friendly and caring team that’s invested in your success!