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Before & After Profiles

Richard - best health care experience

"Dr. Petteruti and his team have positively impacted my life and my family. My weight loss results have been tremendous and I'm now in the best physical shape and health I have ever been. The staff is supportive and caring. Dr. Petteruti is highly engaged, well versed in weight loss, anti aging and focused on my overall well being across all dimensions. This has been the best health care experience and investment I have ever made."




Can you say WOW!

74 pounds lighter. So proud of her. Using Intellectual Medicine for weight loss enables us to create an environment for permanent results.








Small, manageable tweaks have helped Donna lose 26lbs and counting by continuing her monthly weight loss groups and hormones. Want to know more? Call either of our locations and get started on being a new and improved you. 








 ~ After completing Step 1 of our weight loss program, Taylor has lost an astonishing 45 lbs! Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing you at your next group meeting.









  ~ is down 70lbs since starting her weigh tloss journey with    us in July 2016. We couldn’t be more proud of your consistency and positive attitude.









  ~ is down 24 lbs and feeling amazing!








Julie - lost 65 lbs, thyroid replacement and bioidenticle hormones. 









Amy - Lost 30 lbs and 24 inches in 4 months!

"I first met with Shannon and Dr. Petteruti in August 2013 after coming home from a family vacation and looking at pictures from our trip. I may have looked "okay" to others but I certainly didn't feel okay.  The reality of my weight and how I was seeing myself brought me to an all-time low... It was a big wake-up call that something had to be done. I needed to make a lifestyle change and make myself a priority.  I was not huge or obese, but was borderline "overweight" and definitely not at a weight that I was comfortable with and I had I wasn't confident in myself. I have always been active - through sports as a teenager and trying to maintain an exercise routine through my 20s & into my 30s.  I was typical with my eating habits... I knew what was healthy and was wasn't, but didn't always stick to a "plan".  I have been on diets on and off since my 20s, always trying the newest fad...always with little or zero results and quickly landed right back where I started.  I found I.M. 120 on Facebook and heard great things from a friend and decided it was time to put myself first and really make a lifestyle change and get myself healthy again. For me; for my family. At my initial consult appointment with Shannon, she was understanding and listened to me...and assured me that Dr.Petteruti and the team at I.M. 120 could help me find my way back to the old me in a healthy way, at a healthy pace. She explained that each person is different, one person's 20 pounds is another person's 100 pounds and together we would work to get me to my goal. We set out a plan and I was determined to get myself back on track....

Fast forward 4 months later : After weekly appointments with Shannon, meetings with Dr. Petteruti, watching what I eat, exercising and making maintainable lifestyle changes I am beyond happy with my results! I have lost 30lbs and a total of 24" inches.  I have restored my self-confidence and feel like the old me again. I am so happy that I took the step and contacted I.M. 120 -- it has changed my life for the better.  I know I can keep up with my new lifestyle and eating habits through Premeditated Discipline and maintain my new/old me!"



 ~ Incredible journy to weight loss and wellness









Aaron - Last Fall I tipped the scales at 334 pounds.

"I've struggled with my weight since I was 16. I have gained and lost over 100 lbs twice in my life but keeping it off has always been the challenge. Last fall I tipped the scales at 334 pounds. Frustrated, I tried the gym route but had slow to almost no results. I saw an old friend in December and he recommended Dr. Petteruti. I called and made the appointment, I had given up hope until then. After my initial visit and blood work, Dr. Petteruti called me at home to alert me of my dangerously high blood sugar. He was very calming, told me not to worry, what to do, and that we'd solve it together. I actually felt relieved- I had some sort of answer. Since then I have shed a Back Street Boy but I still have work to do. I found out everything that I thought I knew about diet and exercise was wrong. All the cardio in the world wasn't going to fix my carb intake. I had to stop worrying about fat and start worrying about the glycemic index. Weight training has given me strength and definition that I've never had. Dr. Petteruti prescribed medication when I needed it but often recommended healthy supplements instead. Shannon, my Weight Loss Counselor, counseled me and made sure I had a plan of attack for both my eating and work outs. Thanks to Dr. Petteruti and The I.M. 120 Center I feel like this time I know what to do to keep the weight off."

Chris  - Lost 60+ lbs and has never felt better!

My name is Chris and I am a 37 year old husband and father of two.  I have been struggling with my weight for several years.  After a few failed diet attempts and a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2007 and general discomfort in my health, I knew I needed to make some changes. I definitely needed to focus on getting healthy if I wanted to be around for my family. In August of 2013, I had my first meeting with Shannon at I.M. 120 and I instantly felt comfortable and confident that this plan would work for me. I also met with Dr. Petteruti and liked how thorough he was and appreciated how he was guiding me onto a road of a complete health makeover and new lifestyle.  He also made the time to make sure I understood my own health! I am now down 60+ pounds and feel great!  I am in better shape than I have been in for a very long time.  I work out five days a week and my focus now is on building more muscle.  I love my new life and have no plans on ending my journey here!  I am thankful for all I.M. 120 has done for me.

Gina - Before, age 27, after age 40!

You can either let aging depress you, or inspire you... This past year, as I stared down the day that I would turn 40, I made a choice to embrace it in a big way! I hear so many people talk about how they can't do or achieve the things they want to... Or how they are unhappy with something about themselves or their lives. Well I was one of those people for years too... Stuck in an overweight, unhealthy body, wanting to do more and have more opportunities. But I finally got tired of just complaining about it and decided that I was going to use my 40th birthday as a goal to finally make change. So to make sure that I wouldn't fizzle out, I signed myself up for a half marathon two days after my birthday... Because nothing motivates you quite like fear!! Read more here.

 Jacklyn - life changer

Dr. Petteruti, Shannon and all of the staff have changed my life. I am the healthiest I have ever been and I owe it all the wonderful medical team at I.M. 120. Anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy and add years to their lifeshould contact the office and make an appointment.




AL - lost over 50+ and still losing

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for I.M. 120. Thank you for helping and guiding me in my journey! 








 FD - Lost 50 pounds!









Tera  - Lost 55 pounds in 6 months, and still losing!

"I'm no stranger to Weight Loss, I lost 100 pounds from December 2008 to December 2009, but what happens when the weight comes back? And what happens when you're already eating right and exercising when the weight comes back? I had been to a dozen doctors who told me to "eat better and get active", two specialists- one said diabetic the other said thyroid and that one started me on medication before blood test results even came back! What happens when all of your blood tests show no diabetes and a functioning thyroid? I turned to Dr. Petteruti and I.M. 120, they were my last hope and amazingly my last stop on this nightmare of a journey. Dr. Petteruti took my current lifestyle into consideration and looked deeper into what could cause my weight gain, he explored avenues that had never been brought to my attention and in doing so I have successfully lost the 40 + pounds I had gained and then some. Dr. Petteruti's method of looking at the whole patient and using a combination of high grade medications inconjunction with a healthy diet designed to suit the patient's obesity type and lifestyle allows his patients to have nothing but success, all while ENJOYING life. No calorie counting, no obscene calorie restrictions, no food weighing...... no yo-yo loss and gain. I.M. 120 offered me weekly weigh in's along with supportive and informative counseling, the absolute best in supplements, and body analyzing equipment to assist me in better understanding MY body. Thank You Dr. Petteruti and I.M. 120 for giving me my life back and for giving me something I have never seen before, single digit clothing sizes!"

Deanne - I don't just look like a different person, I AM.

"Before going to I.M. 120, I had tried every diet out there, I managed to lose 40lbs on one of them, but quickly regained it. Once I had my first appointment with Dr. Petteruti, I knew this was the plan that would work for me! The kindness and empathy that Dr. Petteruti and Shannon express for their patients is incredible and it has been so helpful. Although my weightloss process is not complete, I don't just look like a different person, I AM a different person, and I will never go back to the old me!"



SD - Over 100 pounds lost!

"Down over 100 pounds! She attributes this to finding the balance within herself with carbs and sugars. She has "always been hungry" for as long as she can remember. We were able to help her control her appetite so she can control her nutrition. She looks and feels fabulous and we are so proud of her. Keep up the journey!"





Tara - 50 pounds lost!

"Growing up I was always lucky and had one of those metabolisms where I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound, at my lowest I was 114 pounds...and then I had kids. When I first saw Dr. Petteruti I was 220 pounds, my heaviest, and now I completely understand what it's like to struggle and try everything to lose weight and have nothing work. Before I.M. 120 I “dieted”, worked out, I ate nothing- starved, I tried every 'miracle' pill out there, and I was unhappy with myself. I continued having to go out and buy new clothes because I just kept getting bigger and bigger. I was trying to convince myself that I was okay with how I looked, even though I wasn't.
Then I found I.M. 120. It took a few days to gather the courage to make the phone call and schedule my consult, but I finally did. After seeing Dr. Petteruti and having a physical along with blood work we learned that I had some problems-it wasn’t just me. I wasn't losing weight because my body was out of balance. Together we made sure I was taking the right supplements and Dr. Petteruti prescribed medication where it was needed throughout my program, but most importantly I learned how to eat and what I needed to eat.
In my time with I.M. 120 I've lost a little over 50 pounds! I have come to realize through my appointments that this is a lifestyle change not a “diet” and I will forever be thankful for what I've learned. My journey is far from over as I'd like to lose more weight and work on toning my body. I plan to continue working with Dr. Petteruti, the Weight Loss Counselors Shannon & Tera and all of the staff at I.M. 120 to remain on track and maintain what I've accomplished thus far. Thank you to everyone at I.M. 120 for everything that you've done for me, and to anyone who needs help you have come to the right place. You will see results, The I.M. 120 Method works.

Christina - 40 pounds lost!

“I have always struggled with my weight. I decided to go on a "diet" in 2010 and joined a weight loss clinic that helped me to lose about 70lbs....but it was not practical or healthy. I immediately gained the weight back, plus some. In 2013, I looked at pictures of myself and wanted to cry! I had completely let myself go, I had given up, and I decided to make a change. I knew what I did not want to do (the unrealistic approach), but wasn't sure how to start. I began my journey on my own and lost about 60lbs. along the way I entered a Contest I.M. 120 was sponsoring with the prize being a spot in their Personalized Weight Loss Program. In early January 2014, I was given the amazing news that I won the New Year, New You contest with I.M. 120! My life has not been the same since. I am learning the healthy way to lose weight, what to eat, how to use Premeditated Discipline and to plan ahead. These are all things I have struggled with in the past. My Sunday afternoons look MUCH different now than they did one year ago, as I spend them meal prepping  for the week in order to make better choices. I am about 5 months into the program and have lost 40lbs. I love being a part of I.M. 120, everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Petteruti truly knows what he is talking about and takes the time to listen to my questions. I have worked with both Weight Loss Counselors, Shannon and Tera, each are amazing counselors and they both take the time to get to know you and make themselves available to answer all of your questions. In seeing Tera as a Counselor, it made me feel better asking someone questions who has used the I.M. 120 Method for their own weight loss and has had success. I am so happy to be a part of I.M. 120 and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be selected as their New Year, New YOU winner. I cannot wait to see what the next chapter of this journey holds for me with I.M. 120 and reaching my goal.”

 Linda - weight lose + hormones

Dr. Petteruti has helped me to improve so many aspects of my life, and health, through the Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy programs. All this has been accomplished as a result of Dr. Petteruti's non-judge mental approach, his ability to listen and implement problem solving techniques, and his encouraging attitude that is contagious. I feel younger, more energetic,and happier than I have been in years.







Tina - Lost 90 pounds in 7 months by learning about portion control!

When I first came to I.M. 120 I didn't like the way I looked. Shopping for clothing was depressing, and my energy was gone by 1:30 in the afternoon. I was excited for my first visit because I knew it was finally time for me to do something for myself. However, never in a million years would I have imagined losing 90lbs in just 7months! I had tried other programs, and nothing worked. I would lose a little, get stuck, and gain it back. It was always so frustrating. Last year I was on the sidelines. I couldn't play soccer with my kids or run around with them in the yard. Well this is a whole new year! Not only do I run laps with them at practice, I became one of the coaches!! It's exciting to go shopping now, my husband even encourages me to go, and I dropped from a size 24 to a size 10! I finally like the way I look and I’m happy.

Arnie - Days filled with chronic pain, now 62 pounds lighter and feeling GREAT!

In 1999 I was diagnosis with ‘Chronic Pancreatitis' and over the next 3 or 4 years I spent months at a time in and out of the hospital. I was then additionally diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and Fibromyalgia, my days were filled with chronic pain and my weight was ballooning up rapidly. I was forced to stop working and spent the majority of my time at one medical appointment or another. My life felt out of control. I no longer looked like the man I had been. My children were quite young at that time and it hurt me that I was unable to play with them like the Dad I wanted to be. It was my podiatrist Dr. Galucci, who told me that much of the pain I was feeling in my legs and feet was due to my weight. He told me about The I.M. 120 Center and suggested I call them for a consult. I went for the consult, and to be honest I had guarded optimism at best. One thing that impressed me the most was that Dr.Petteruti and his team look at “the whole patient”, not just the number on the scale. They looked carefully at other medications I was taking, what my home life was like, and activities I enjoyed before my diagnosis. Within a few months Dr. Petteruti was able to reduce or discontinue most of the medications I had been taking for several years, I couldn't believe I no longer needed them. By eating better and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, things had turned around. I’ve lost 60 lbs. and plan to lose more! I often forget about being a diabetic, my blood sugars are normal, so I no longer feel symptoms. Even the chronic pancreatitis attacks have lessened. A few years ago I looked sick and my future was “in great question”. I recently climbed Mt. Kersage with my family and I’m excited about what the future holds for us. I’m going to be around for my family and we look forward to more outdoor adventures together. Thank you I.M. 120!

Al - Lost 101 pounds in 6 months and still losing!

I was seeing a doctor for back pain and he said my pain was mostly due to my weight.The doctor referred me to Dr. Petteruti and I.M. 120 and after six months with them, my pain is now a million times better. On previous diets I would be anxious to, “hurry and finish the diet so I could eat” and I would regain all of the weight I lost when my "diet" ended. I like that with I.M. 120 program I eat all of my own foods, there is no weighing, measuring or calorie counting. Instead, I’m eating smaller portions, more vegetables and less red meat than I was before. Monday has always been macaroni & cheese night and I cook for two other families, in addition to my own, and it’s become something we all look forward to. We still have macaroni & cheese night and I still eat it, but I serve myself a small bowl instead of a large plate and I include a nice salad. I don’t need the 2nd or 3rd pork chop, or that 3rd meatball, I eat a lot less and I’m satisfied. The results I’ve seen during my time at I.M. 120 are truly life-changing. Last year we took the grandchildren to Story Land and I could hardly walk across the room, this year we are planning a trip to Disney, and I will be able to walk all day!