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As expert weight loss counselors, we know how busy you are and how challenging it can be to prepare healthy foods when you’re always on the go.  Many of us wish we had a personal chef at home to prepare nutritious meals for us, but we have the next best thing!  While purchasing meal replacements are not required to take part in our program, we feel that they’re very helpful when life gets crazy. Not only can you be sure you’re getting the nutrition you need, but you’re more likely to eat what’s convenient, which means you’ll have a greater chance for success.


We have most of our products available at our online store, shipped right to your door!










Available in our Center

Most of the products you'll find in our online store we also carry at our Center making it convienet for you to assess medical grade and perfect macronutrient foods.

I.M. 120 also recommends a wide variety of supplements. Click here to view our supplements page.